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Hello Planet Bob,
My name is Dia Lucrii and I am the Triumvirate of Interior Affairs for ONYX. It is with a heavy heart, that I am here to announce that ONYX will cease to function in the Cyberverse. ONYX is NOT disbanding. I repeat, ONYX is not disbanding. ONYX has spoken with our protectors and have agreed to fold our membership into Sparta. The AA will be protected by Sparta, while our membership takes the steps to integrate into Sparta.

Before we leave though, we want to make this point very clear: ONYX is not disbanding due to battles lost (as we have none), or any political reasons. It was simply due to inactivity and tough recruiting. Our alliance hit 15 members at it's highest point. The state of Planet Bob is in a recession of players. Small alliances are fighting hard everyday to stay alive. As such, I am promising you this here today, when the times are right, ONYX will imerge again onto Planet Bob. As with our symbolic phoenix, ONYX will rise again.

I would like to take this time to thank three people and one alliance: First, Silent Spectre. ONYX was the brainchild of Silent Spectre. Spectre came to me, and asked if I would help start what was to become ONYX. With him, and Severus, the three of us made ONYX into the alliance that it was. With the principles of Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty, ONYX would have been a great major power, if it continued to gain membership. Captainjf, was our first recruit, and ended up taking Silent Spectre's position as Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs when he left for Sparta. And lastly, we would like to thank Sparta. Sparta gave us the protection we needed to establish ourselves and declare our existence to the world. Without them, we wouldn't exist. Our members and Sparta have very close ties, and the ONYXers will enjoy becoming Spartans.

And to all of those alliances who supported us, by sending diplomats and working on diplomatic ties with us (OBR, IRON, TORN, NV, etc). We wish you well in the future!

This is ONYX signing out.... until we rise again....


Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs: Captainjf
Triumvirate of Military Affairs: Severus
Triumvirate of Interior Affairs: Dia Lucrii

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ONYX was indeed my baby, and it's sad to see her go off the grid. It was fun while it lasted, and I hope in time it will come back, Dia. But in the meantime, Sparta is a wonderful home, and I'm sure the rest of the former ONYXers will find as much happiness as I have here.

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[quote name='mythicknight' timestamp='1301980183' post='2684490']

Good like guys, it was nice getting to know you.

Agreed, glad you guys took the time to come by. Good luck out there. When you come back I fully expect a new and improved ONYX


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