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  1. And maybe we'll see something soon that does in fact benefit our allies who have had a rather fun 6 months of bashing your collective heads in with us. Like you said; it's about the friends you make along the way and I've made a good few friends since coming back and joining the General's merry band of pillagers.
  2. Looks like we have our answer and Deathadder has been tapped out. Now we get Maelstrom as the Pacifican mouth for the duration of the thread.
  3. I expect you'll get a pat on the head and an "Atta boy James Spaniel" They may even scratch behind your ears if you can get on your hind legs!
  4. You're quite welcome, anything for an old-timer like myself. I'd forgotten about the Tattler until you just mentioned it wasn't that Doitzel? That takes me back to before I was fossilized and subsequently re-animated! Dreaming in my house at R'lyeh Resuming meme offensive:
  5. Oh man; ICE BURN. Measuring an alliance leader's success in terms of slot usage is kinda part of the problem people have with alliances like yours. It turns leaders into office drones managing a spreadsheet (or whatever automated system you have that needs manning) Where is your god damn sense of ambition? Because I don't see any fire in your belly. I see this:
  6. Lol that you think your current actions are 'helping the community' in any altruistic sense- sure your presence after years of inertia has brought some life into this world but your involvement only serves as a means to return us back to that state of inertia. Your government is populated entirely by people with an abject hatred for any activity here because it's hard work and you're too busy juggling colonies to lead either one effectively. I was pointing out a correlation between your dominance of the game and its decline, as well as the increase in activity when you were no longer top dog. Your approach to war is that you never truly set yourselves up for a challenge, and when there is a challenge (like Karma) you hide. This discourages most from bothering to participate or take risks when they know you will always hedge your bets with the winning side. You're like an obnoxious sports fan that changes which team they support depending on who is winning the season. Now don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with a degree of self-preservation but if that is literally all you exist for then that is a problem. When everything fell to pieces with NPO's attempt to roll OV/VE with TORN back in Karma, you fled to peace mode when it started looking like you were actually going to lose for once, to save yourselves from the consequences of your actions rather than sucking it up and eating it like the rest of us do.
  7. And you have been at the top of the chain since the game's creation. Still a pretty valid correlation, your presence = decline There does look to be a brief spike in July '09, funnily enough that's when the Karma War happened and forced you to adopt some humility in order to survive. That's long gone now.
  8. Live footage from The Day Today Turtle-mobile: Now fact me 'til I fart. Tonight: The Void (finally) shouts back: Non Grata 'at war' with most of the planet Oculus' Stock value plummets upon becoming "Target Rich Environment" For the first time in recent memory, the slumbering planet we all know and hate (in our own ways) has seen a surge in activity in the public domain. This initially was a result of the re-animated army of undead Non Grata and their growing army of fighters willing to join the charismatic leader's cause. Now more recently, the entrance of 1/3rd of the world's leaders against the forces of Non Grata, having awoken angrily from their peaceful pixel farms at the sight of refugees from the Freehold seeking shelter. Like a furiously groggy and clumsy giant, the combined forces of Oculus (spearheaded presumably by the NPO) summoned forth alliances from all corners of the world to join them in blacklisting Non Grata as a mere band of rogues. Now, they are indeed a band of rogues but this should come as news to nobody, many have considered Non Grata a friend in their long history for this very reason. They have always provided this planet movement whenever there is inertia, as observed by Jerdge recently they are, in a sense, the belligerent neutral of this world (every yin needs a yang). You may not agree with their destructive ways but can you truly deny that you are not enjoying this? Is this not what we exist for? - If however, this is not what you exist for (even if only to watch from the sidelines) this journalist has some advice: Immolate yourselves from this plane. If you want to be a farmer and not a leader; there are other worlds for that. And now some music: ----- "I'd kill you were I given half a chance, Yes I'd like to see you burning while you dance, You make every atom in me want to cry, You twist every word of truth into a lie, You're the unmistakable reason for all pain, Just the very thought of you drives me insane, But I'm fulfilled, Because eventually time will kill, The very space you occupy, Right there at the top of the hill, In this cold inbred excuse, for a world. ---- Kashmiri Psychics fashion door for entry to GATO Mental Quarantine - Peace talks resume "If I come back shaped like a rubber-stamp; someone smash me to bits" - Me. Ever since the paramilitary psychics of Kashmir erected their so-called "Mental Quarantine", the working citizens have enjoyed a brief respite from the near-constant distant sound of bureaucrats braying "RHUBARBRHUBARB" ad nauseum. The sound was soon replaced by the sound of shrieking hounds being freshly skinned; "Like music to my ears" one citizen said. With the mental quarantine now stable, the psychics have fashioned an entrance into the quarantine at the request of myself. "Why in Boognish's name would you risk your sanity in such a way?" I hear you ask. Well; like many of you I decided to get caught up in the frenzy of posting (frenzy by today's standards anyway) and had a few verbal jabs at the leader of the Freehold- we are at war after-all. However, on reflection this struck me as setting a bad tone between us to re-initiate peace talks. So in light of this, I shall be hacking through the mesh of red tape with a machete made from sharpened wolf bones that has already enveloped this entrance and into the hellish bureaucracy world of GATO, for peace. Wish me luck Bob. Introducing: Speak your Brains The Day Today will now be accepting anonymous or named personal accounts of events taking place where The Day Today can and cannot be. All submissions will be considered. Memetic warfare on the rise, RFI rendered powerless "say sike right now" It would seem safe to say, that the one universal constant we all share is indulging in an abundance of memes. No more so than during a time a of war, as there exists no greater source material to fashion propaganda to savage one's opponents. Until recently, the war between Cobralition and RFI has been relatively devoid of memetic warfare and despite General Kanabis' valiant efforts, there has been a notable lack in any memetic reciprocation from RFI intelligence agencies. This journalist can only speculate as to why that is; lack of creativity? lack of activity? lack of ambition? Who knows. Along with the carnage of the added front of NG/NPO (and their swaggering sacks of festering meat) this escalation has brought with it another surge in memetic warfare. These images are applied directly into the opponents skull and studies have shown a dramatic increase in "BAWW" and "REEEE" levels in the the victims blood. As these chemical levels begin to peak, the victim is rendered powerless and compelled to blurt out a series of vaguely incoherent and often contradictory remarks in a desperate attempt to debunk the image itself. Utterly failing to recognise this effort is a futile endeavour and that the only mode of response is to reciprocate in kind and hope to Boognish that it is at least funny, if not on message. Some recent examples: Tonight's featured song can be found here (disclaimer for babas: Bad Words!) That's all for tonight: Sod off.
  9. Yeah I mean fair play to them, they've been carrying a fair bit of the water on our front for FTW. Quite happy to do so as well by the looks of it.
  10. I think they would have preferred not to be burdened by your gross incompetence, you should consider yourself infinitely grateful to them instead of preening around as if you have 'won' through any sense of virtue or hard work on your own part. Sitting back and letting people do work for you seems to be very much the mandate your premiership operates on.
  11. I'm not sure if it's the brain damageamageamage talking but I'm definitely getting kicks out of this for trying. ....probably is the brayn damaje though
  12. It'd be poetic if it happened in the middle of an all-out fight to the end global brawl.
  13. More that you'll probably be the last to leave, so make sure to turn the lights off.
  14. Yep I don't doubt it, you probably will. A laugh into an empty void with no one around to hear it. You'll sing your own praises for a job well done; "We did it" you'll say "We got rid of everyone on the planet except us, haha losers!" "......" A computer fan can be heard purring, all is silent.
  15. In this day and age; yes I can compare rogues to active players. You said yourself that everyone is a tenth of the size they used to be, just because they are rogues as far as you are concerned, that doesn't make them inactive or irrelevant to the overall political climate. If that were the case there would be no need for you to muster 1/3rd of the remaining population to force them out. Just for clarification by the way, I have a question: This war you have launched against NG, is it a permanent one against every combatant? Will you hound them into PZI like the NPO of old, or will they be individually free to go their own ways one day in the future? You are content with building and being peaceful etc. Good for you, but as far as I see it; You are the bane of this planet. You and yours have encouraged inertia and stagnation for so long that most people who actually want to be leaders have long given up trying (Aside from RL business, I quit for that very reason- I had become a part of the machine I loathed so much). No wonder old-timers are seeking oblivion on the field with NG. It's better than sitting around farming pointless numbers that the march of time will inevitably obliterate. Also you lost me with that last bit, what are you referring to?
  16. Ah yes, of course we are the plague chasing active people out of the game. *checks OP* oh hang on... Which is it? We are the bane of this planet or we are irrelevant? Can't be both.
  17. Actually I was trying to get us back on topic rather than indulge Zigur's rambling about a world that doesn't exist (which I see your own comrade tried to do) So you deny that FTW asked any of Oculus for assistance against NG?
  18. That time was quite fuzzy so I don't really remember much (OOC: messy RL stuff started taking priority around then) It's no big deal in the sense that I don't have to navigate an FA minefield of conflicting interests. Besides wrt to the issue of reps I'd been pushing back against them myself in negotiations, as far as I remember our chat going it went along the lines of mutually agreeing reps are bad and reminiscing on old times- I don't think I asked for your help there. It's also not unheard of to invite a third party into negotiations when there is such bitterness between combatants. And for the record: I'm not mad, and I don't see a cross anywhere. I've actually been enjoying every minute of this as it's unfolded. I got to watch NG savage FTW, and now I'm giddy with nostalgia at the sight of another Pacifican curbstomp. Look at all the meat you had to muster to blacklist NG, we both know it's mostly hollow mass but that you need that much to tackle 45 active people is as laughable as FTW requiring all RFI to tackle the Cobralition* What I will contest, however, is your reasoning for dogpiling NG. We all know the 'CBs' you have listed are merely a flimsy pre-text to conceal that you are entering to: 1) Bail out FTW who have taken a beating 2) Seek revenge for past grievances with NG The latter of which is at least quite transparent. Stop pretending that this isn't for FTW's benefit. * With the exception of Kashmir, for some reason
  19. That's the joy of COBRA; I haven't inherited a mangle-web of treaties, just a 6 month war of attrition. No big deal. And seeing as I can't watch you burn appropriately I can at least make you laugh. Small victories and all that.
  20. They exist, but whether they truly live or not is another matter. That's ultimately the thing for me here: say what you will about the undead 'rogues' - there's more life among them than the bags of meat and their decade-stale alphabetti-spaghetti excuse for foreign affairs who have 'united' against them. That's the real threat here. The top alliances would rather sit atop their trash mountain, in self-imposed isolation than engage meaningfully with the world. At least as a neutral you can and do engage without having to try and play 'World Police'. And when some people come along to disrupt their boring harmony they appeal to 'traditions' as a means of justifying their actions and stifling any dissent against the status quo. It's a good attempt to spin this to not look like they're defending FTW but I'm not buying their snake oil and neither should anyone else. Buy mine instead, naturally we produce much higher quality stuff.
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