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  1. So when should we expect to see CLAWS cancel a treaty? You've signed a few lately, shouldn't you balance it out a bit? 😛 Congratulations to both ODN and FTW on steps toward a more coherent FA policy!
  2. I'd like to second this suggestion. Given that any attempt to draw a web of all the treaties will show a mangled mess and reveal how incoherent everyone's FA policy actually is.
  3. Hail Satan! Oh wait, wrong meeting. Congrats on finding Jesus! What does the future hold for CCC now that you are born again?
  4. I'm glad to see the glorious International uniting as one in the face of adversity! You're welcome.
  5. Novel idea: Maybe instead of waiting for surrenders, you could instead just declare victory yourself and leave it at that?
  6. I'm pleased to see peace being abundant on Bob lately, I wonder who will be privileged enough to have peace declared on them next!
  7. Looks like the Christians got company: 4/6/2020 2:59:17 PM díbeartach Ruler: oneeightytwo Fark Hailsland Ruler: Hailsland Christian Coalition Of Countries 275.00 45%/54% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 2:46:03 PM Coldy Ruler: Moose Hole Fark The Rock Ruler: Jesusfreak Christian Coalition Of Countries 561.95 68%/31% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 2:45:15 PM Coldy Ruler: Moose Hole Fark Mordor1 Ruler: Sauron1 Christian Coalition Of Countries 437.37 9%/90% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 2:44:49 PM Coldy Ruler: Moose Hole Fark Land of Too Much Fun Ruler: lilweirdward Christian Coalition Of Countries 396.80 0%/100% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 1:29:10 PM CoastalBendatia Ruler: BozDaBoz Fark SwagJuice Ruler: rheebrosinc Christian Coalition Of Countries 69.21 0%/100% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 1:28:26 PM CoastalBendatia Ruler: BozDaBoz Fark New Little England Ruler: Gary the 74th Christian Coalition Of Countries 69.21 0%/100% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 1:27:41 PM CoastalBendatia Ruler: BozDaBoz Fark Incar Ruler: Yeshua Soloman Christian Coalition Of Countries 91.98 100%/0% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 12:39:45 PM Touristan Ruler: Captain V Fark Queensland Ruler: Shergzus Christian Coalition Of Countries 349.03 0%/100% Currently Fighting 4/6/2020 12:36:57 PM Touristan Ruler: Captain V Fark New Little England Ruler: Gary the 74th Christian Coalition Of Countries 119.69 100%/0% Currently Fighting
  8. For sub par news it seems to at least keep your attention! Sometimes the news just writes itself though, courtesy of crumbling relics such as yourself
  9. As always I am happy to help my fellow Gayrollers, congratulations to you on peace! #animalhouse P.S Readers: Stay Tuned for a pending News Attack
  10. Yeah, you ran to Nordreich and then later quietly slipped back into Polar when no one was looking
  11. If you look in terms of KoRT's position in the treaty web? Low risk target. Relatively unchained to RFI and Oculus and their treaty partners will likely be easily dealt with. Pretty much how most aggressive wars are weighed up, they've just skipped the part where they fabricate a CB. But hey, as long as it doesn't turn into an over the top curbstomping because "m-muh pixels" then I wish both parties the best and that a timely and reasonable peace can be brought about. (A reason would be nice too, Polar. As much as I enjoy wordplay some substance to sink our teeth into would be nice )
  12. Hey u guyz are not following the established norms! This is not in keeping with the expected conduct of alliances!!!!!1 That's not a real cb! Rabblerabble how dare you 😠 I mean: Nice, cheers to your glorious pixel shedding. Good luck to you both!
  13. Good on you guys for protecting potential recruits from bloodthirsty vultures. A shame that this needed to be said imo, generally people should ask questions and then shoot- y'know if we're all meant to be following established "norms" and all that noise. I can't imagine any of the larger alliances having the tact to show this level of restraint if someone were to attack a potential member of theirs without first going down the relevant govt channels. As always you have the support of COBRA should you need it o/
  14. The Great Unwashing of Boognish will save us all. Bathe in the germs and be free!
  15. I thought they were dirty Stevie-hiding flag runners?
  16. Especially when your nation is sent to the upside-down world of negative infrastructure and citizens. Bit disappointed my bill payment didn't reimburse me accordingly but you can't have it all!
  17. I am most pleased to see this broadcast having escalated in this fashion! Good job to everyone involved for participating on the world stage! Now, before the thread dies because of a gag order or general apathy somewhere I'd like to highlight some unanswered questions fielded by Tankobite lest they get lost in the top notch mudslinging going on:
  18. Everyone else take note! Also not to be pedantic we are just Boognish, not Boognish-ists. Let's get real weird with it!
  19. I 'member you. I landed back here almost a year ago now after leaving shortly before the end of Doomhouse/CnG/PB supremacy. The landscape is barren as expected and most fun can be found among the lower tier alliances who actually want to be leaders such as mine (Cobra) or The Imperial Entente/Sellswords/Kashmir/Non Grata. For more information there are a number of helpful news broadcasts courtesy of myself. Or if you're up for some dull status quo drudgery then NPO is the way to go, alternatively you may find some old comrades in the haunted ruins of GATO/ODN
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