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  1. Okay so, look for the thread titled "Do not adjust your sets...." and the date it was posted, then look at the dates of threads that came before and after it, as well as the level of activity in each thread. Then tell me more about this lack of activity. If you build it, they will come.
  2. I'm not going to argue the non-existence of the obvious malaise that plagues this place, I will however combat it and encourage people to actually participate- all it really takes is a little bit of initiative and imagination to cook some words up in the right way (just because we're all older now doesn't mean we can't still be creative). You may not see people giving a damn and telling people not to post from where you are, but it does happen. People are actively discouraged from participation whether that be by direct order to not participate; not post a dissenting view or because of how disdainfully people like yourself paint the place. There's a screenshot above of you directly attempting to meddle with what I post on the OWF for christ's sake. There are people who would still like to have a bit of fun here[ooc] and believe it or not, new players do still pop up from time to time [/ooc]. I get that a lot of you have been doing nothing other than collecting taxes and paying bills for about 10 years and that is very dull but don't inflict that dullness onto everyone else who wants to actually lead. You could try doing something meaningful and challenging with all that weight you're so dedicated to maintaining, for example. I'm perfectly capable of being impartial when it is necessary to do so. At present, things are very one-sided in terms of statistical strength and it'd be very boring if I acted as a cheerleader for the curbstompers. I'm also leading an alliance opposed to this bland form of warfare that has dominated the politics of this game for as long as I can remember. So naturally I will be far less impartial on the world forum when it comes to representing this. My point on impartiality was more that if there were more conflicts (escalated or simmering, doesn't matter) that were being aired out publicly that would make for more impartial reporting; more entertaining forum posts and the place could be viewed less disdainfully. Unfortunately people prefer to hide away developments in their discord warrens and pour scorn on those who have the confidence to speak publicly [ooc] and play the game [/ooc]
  3. - Terminator did go on a voyage for a sanctuary after bailing on NG. - You do have 20 people in peace mode, did have 9 active wars at the time of publication and are barely fighting NG where it matters. - I did hallucinate some stuff about Pork Rolls. - Gag orders are absolutely a thing for a number of alliances in Oc and RFI. And jfc; being able to be impartial or balanced requires more action to report on in the first place. I'm pretty sure I've advertised in previous editions the chance for other leaders to contribute, but no submissions have been received and the news ain't gonna write itself
  4. The Boognish Cult notices increased war activity between AW and Defcon 1 Boognish feels left out of the great pixel sacrifice. Boognish Cult asks of Planet Steve: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT. WE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU GOT. End Transmission.
  5. Not as good as the people actually giving enough of a !@#$ about this World to chase off an alliance of 46 instead of taking a bite into a real challenge (jfc I'm not saying NG aren't a real challenge but when you've got 1/3rd of the planet's population backing you? You look pretty pathetic in the same way FTW did by calling in RFI against COBRA) 0/10 for ambition.
  6. Ah it keeps it fun for me too [ooc] i get to practice playing around with words and stuff[/ooc] I just wish there were more sides and more fodder for the presses! I'd probably be more impartial if there was more going on.
  7. Be honest, this is about having a personal vendetta not your CB What are your goals? Good to know. Good to know. I disagree. You should.
  8. It's a good thing you call it 'luck' really.
  9. Yes, if you check the bullet holes in the infrastructure of various FTW nations, you will find that Non Grata troops have ensured that The Day Today remains accessible for people with blindness as a disability. Such is their benevolence.
  10. Peacetime Boredom sets in for Cobra and Friends: Bagpiping Fact into News Tonight's headlines: Skynet Issues Recall code - Malfunctioning T-1000 successfully extracted: Since the reformation of Non Grata, many people directly or indirectly involved with their crusade will have come across the absolute braincrash of a leader known as "Terminator". The leader in question began as one of the many recruits for Non Grata with their war against the Freehold (more on that later) and began gloating and emitting the phrase "reeeee" and "tard" at anyone who happened to stray in front of his stream of verbal diarrhea. Initially it seemed he would be a good fit and a valiant crusader for the forces of Non Grata- until of course an actual threat began to emerge. When word began to spread that the forces of Oculus were preparing to attack Non Grata, the malfunctioning T-1000 prototype initiated what can only be ascertained as a built-in survival fail-safe to protect it from any real danger. At the mention of Oculus involvement, the T-1000 began declaring publicly that he was looking for the door and started appealing to leaders to grant him mercy. Even Canik, the leader of the Freehold himself, was initially willing to grant Terminator the asylum he sought for his actions against his own alliance (more on the Freehold's desire to not do any fighting at all, later) The T-1000 then began desperately fishing for legitimate reasons to desert Non Grata, one of which involved getting offended at this humble journalist calling out the blatant attempts at desertion (I am after-all a fervent believer that all deserters must be shot, though it would seem that belief is not universally held in this world) Eventually the unit dropped the Non Grata affiliation before starting a Bakery- a very clear sign that the malfunction had began to worsen. After that he seemed to join a 1-man cult called "The Phoenix Collective"- likely named in order to be intentionally boring. Now the T-1000's journey is at an end; He has found his solace within the borders of Nordreich, where he can now hopefully have his malfunction repaired by their technicians and serve as an adequate plaything for his new handlers. The Day Today would like to congratulate CrinkledStraw of CLAWS for their valiant effort to chase down the malfunctioning unit themselves. I'm sure there will be many people to reward your efforts in the coming weeks. Freehold of the Wolves' valiant fightback agai- wait no that isn't right.....one second. Freehold tailgating continues - Absolutely no one surprised. As of the date of this publication The Day Today can confirm that a grand total of Nine active wars currently stand with the Freehold of the Wolves: Alliance Nation Statistics Last Updated: 8/27/2019 12:12:35 AM Land Infras. Tech Aircraft Nukes 273,490 1,072,048 1,236,346 6,349 2,185 Soldiers Tanks Cruise Navy Active Wars 4,821,389 268,530 373 3,513 9 Aid Slots Votes War Mode Peace Mode Anarchy 313 / 683 (45.83%) 145 96 20 11 One might have thought that, given the absurd amount of 'indirect' backup they have at their disposal they would immediately start showing their gratitude to their betters in Oculus (or as I like to call them; the planet-suffocating Algae Bloom) by launching some offensive wars at Non Grata to actually defend the flag that they claim is theirs. Apparently not. (That's all we've got on this one, statistics make for very boring news) COBRA Space Program detects bizarre Radio Frequency from 'Alien World' The end of the Cobralition/RFI conflict has brought with it the usual worker malaise from inside the numerous Strategic Defense Initiatives. Upon inspection of these facilities, the new King of Cobra ordered all the "lazy grotesquely ugly freaks" staffing the currently redundant defense systems to start scouring the galaxy for any irregularities. He informed the staff that a face made of gnashing teeth came to him in a dream and whispered the words "Tastes Good on Th' Bun" and "Johnny, You are The Stallion" before waking up in hot sweats and a craving for a Pork Roll. After days of planet scanning, the SDI radio towers began picking up a bizarre radio frequency from a Planet listed on Astronomic charts as "Steve". The broadcast sounds like music but also inexplicably causes bouts of extreme rage. The King's ears pricked up when he deciphered "Tastes Good on th' Bun" and ordered a small exploratory operation toward the planet in hope of discovering more. Unfortunately, many of the weak-willed SDI staff's ears began bleeding uncontrollably upon hearing the broadcast- so if you are unemployed and in need of work I have been asked to inform you that we are hiring. Contract and Salary negotiable. For those of strong and sound mind the captured recording can be found below: Non Grata regime change - Stewie the 'Starchild' takes the reigns This feature is to serve as a Public Service Broadcast for all readers who happen to reside within Oculus alliances, as well as their cohorts involved in the 'blacklisting' of Non Grata as a rogue entity. The Day Today has received some enlightening intelligence from the Blacklist Coalition who, being utterly incapable of stepping to Non Grata and their sympathizers on a public forum, have initiated a gag order to avoid embarrassing themselves any further. All previous discussions have been subject to a quarantine by the Planetary Overseers (though this is probably not at all related to the gag order) and the silence of the algae begins to take hold of this once bustling hub of interplanetary discourse. It has also been revealed that all members party to the 'Blacklist Coalition' have had their radios infected with a virus. The coding of the virus has been arranged in such a way to modify all public speech from Non Grata so it sounds like the leaders have inhaled a large amount of Helium in order to make them sound incredulous. A rather underhanded technique to be sure. In light of this gag order, The Day Today would like to openly address all signatories to the "Disposal of Caustic Materials" and ask them the following questions individually; - Why are Non Grata to be considered a 'rogue entity'? After-all, rogues by definition are not people who return to this world- quite the opposite in fact. - Is this declaration to be considered permanent, or will Non Grata at some point regain their status as an official alliance in their eyes? - Why does this coalition choose to fight a war for an alliance who are very clearly taking a backseat? - How long will they sit on their thumbs as the Freehold refuses to pull their weight? - What are your real feelings regarding the Freehold of the Wolves? - With Stewie as the new God Emperor, are you willing to reconsider your position? The Day Today asks these questions as it considers the mass blacklisting of Non Grata to be wholly unnecessary. While this journalist acknowledges that NPO and IRON do have a legitimate axe to grind with Non Grata, many of the signatories ultimately have no stake in this fight and show no desire to get actively involved. An Artist's portrayal of the attempted brainwashing of Oculus members The editorial staff at The Day Today publicly denounce the blacklisting of Non Grata as rogues and instead recognise them as a legitimate alliance, we encourage others to do the same and for signatories of the blacklist to reconsider their position. Non Grata may not be an alliance you view with respect but this by no means entitles you to attempt to eliminate them from existence. Or to sum up with an image: "A 'Blacklist', isn't that rather stupid?" That's it. There is no more news. Sorry. Go away. Commencing Memetic Warface in 5, 4, 3.....
  11. Funny thing about these "doomed crusades"; they tend to be paradoxically re-invigorating for people who may have once been 'looking for the door' and for people who had already left. It's not a doomed crusade; it's a fight against the doom of the world which your alliance -along with everyone helping fend NG off- are facilitating through inertia, now that staleness has been disrupted by forcing your collective hands to actually do something. But all you know is to curbstomp. Your alliances are mostly inactive hulks and the statistics do not reflect your actual power (it's all NPO have ever known). If that means coming at you guns blazing without a care for the consequence, just to get some sense of actual political dynamism going? Then that's just how it's going to have to play out. Anyone in a position of power should be looking for a crusade. Be ambitious.
  12. Friendly Reminder: Join COBRA today! Do you like smashing things from time to time? Are you bored of hoarding statistics? Have you ambition? Do you, like me, drink Slurm? Do you actually want to talk to each other and stuff instead of slowly rotting away with the Chatbots? The choice is clear. Join COBRA
  13. Pandy FacklerToday at 00:08 i love logging in to find my opponent has dropped loot BoognishToday at 00:09 presents for boognish! he laid them at the alter Pandy FacklerToday at 00:10 let us see what the rest of them have for us! BoognishToday at 00:10 they can join us if they like Pandy FacklerToday at 00:12 well one of them spied a nuke if he'd just left them alone.... maybe i should give him a warning, in case he changes his tune BoognishToday at 00:13 he is being sacrificed he could repent? Pandy FacklerToday at 00:13 maybe he is still a heathen BoognishToday at 00:13 how generous do you feel? what if he converts? Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 perhaps boognish wills the radiation to cleanse him? BoognishToday at 00:14 ohhhhh the glow Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 his spies have a taste for uranium BoognishToday at 00:14 the glow will burn away his heathen ways that is why he spied your nuke Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 let all his people bathe in the radioactive splendour BoognishToday at 00:14 he is afraid he is afraid of what the truth will reveal and how we will see his true heart we must nuke him to free him Pandy FacklerToday at 00:15 if the others stay away from the precious glow bombs they will be spared BoognishToday at 00:15 yes ohh if they send dirty spies in then we can't save them Pandy FacklerToday at 00:16 we should inform the masses BoognishToday at 00:16 Pandy, if they do not hear the gospel of boognish how can they heed the cult ? they are lost in ignorance Fair warning: Any attempts to spy Boognish nukes will result in the culprit eating one of the nukes. Stay away from the precious glow bomb and it will stay away from you.
  14. For hither not, I am The Stallion. Come fear, Come Love. I am The Stallion. For the past three weeks since our Lord Boognish came to me in a fever dream, I have amassed a following of loyal cultists who have cultivated the barren wastes of Steve into a suitable compound cathedral where we may kneel at the altar of Boognish and place offerings of Pork Rolls; Eggs and Cheese. However, the hunger of Boognish is eternal and cannot be satisfied by us alone. More acolytes must surrender to the whim of the Boog. Therefore, Boognish Cult do hereby declare a war of conquest against the residents of Buffalo Girls School, GALACTIC ALLIANCE and Serenity by Force. Should any residents of these alliances seek peace for their transgressions against the almighty Boognish, you must drop your allegiances and join us under the banner of Boognish Cult. To all other leaders, we invite you to join us on our server at Buckingham Green. Signed: Pandy Fackler - The Stallion Boognish - Bumblebee
  15. But now they are reborn to wage a war to reclaim a flag, this is not mere roguery. I can understand Oculus having a dusty axe to grind but NG are rogues no longer. The thing about rogues is that rogues, by their very nature, do not return. That's why it's referred to as "roguing out"
  16. but stewie they didn't enter to defend ftw; it is because you are rouge entities 'member?
  17. See? Uninspired bluster through and through. That's the Pacifican way!
  18. Your intentional verbosity is as dull as it is uninspired. Please stop trying.
  19. Lord knows you need it, my recent influx of immigrants are gagging on the stench you left behind last time you paid me a visit
  20. Legion carried quite a bit of water for them against us as well. They seem to at least be acting like allies should do.
  21. Oh neat, late to the fight and ranked 7th overall. I'm good with that.
  22. I'm curious, who came up with the intentionally boring and uninspired alliance name 'The Phoenix Collective' for his new hidey hole?
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