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  1. The upset at NG claiming peace being at hand is pretty evident with this thread, so good job on that front. If you're so pleased with your war performance and you really believe you've been holding your own this entire time and don't need all the foreign assistance at your disposal; why not do your allies a solid, encourage them to get off the field and fight your own battle? Let's face the reality here; if Oculus alliances had not jumped on NG en masse, your alliance would be in a far worse shape than it is right now. Once again, you act like some glorious victor on the coattails of your betters. I don't see them swaggering around here with the kind of unwarranted hubris oozing from your posts, do you? Pretty sure I've said this to you before but a bit of humility goes a long way.
  2. If the stats are emblematic of your stellar war performance, why did you need all the backup from Oc and RFI? Why do you keep avoiding this point and deflect when it is pressed to you?
  3. > recognises they were an alliance in Oculus > still tries to portray them as rogues Remember when NG weren't in Oculus and posed enough of a threat to your top tier that you needed Oculus to bail you out? Good times. Also bit of a history refresher for you: NG go back further than the existence of Oculus and have often been the movers and shakers in a number of blocs/power structures that made things happen politically--whether you liked it or not and I would know because I was literally there (#animalhouse). In fact that's probably why Oculus have such an axe to grind; NG were never ones to sit in the corner and do as they were told. You'd be better off editing your own alliance into that image btw. It'd be more accurate.
  4. Awww cute, you've popped your heads out to try and commandeer a narrative for once! NG are not rogues. They've been around a lot longer than you and accomplished far more with far fewer resources at their disposal. You however rely on the coal tails of your betters to carry you to 'victory'
  5. ConGratalations. Let us hope that Oculus and friends now re-evaluate their stance, acknowledge their folly in labelling you as rogues and recognise your status as an actual alliance- as they did when you were members of that very bloc. I look forward to seeing a reasonable and meaningful route to peace.
  6. We want another series. Where can I file a complaint?
  7. Oh it's you: The Fart in the wind. Welcome back for now?
  8. Good luck to all involved. May Boognish smile on your radioactive haze.
  9. We get it. You have your fight, we have ours. If anything I'm glad we have a seemingly endless amount of willing lambs bound for the cosmic slaughter of Boognish.
  10. There is much more Waste yet to Taste, my intelligence fearing little friends Strap on that Jammy Pac o7
  11. Realistically when you think about it and compare today's global nation count with that of say, 10 years ago. A 1-man alliance has more or less the same clout as a 10-20 man micro from back in the day. COBRA is an ardent believer in self-determination and firmly believe in supporting the rights of those who seek independence and individuality within the Microverse. The legitimacy of an alliance is not to be determined solely by mere nation count. There are many who choose to go it alone who have far more personality and political savvy than most of the rank and file of [Insert any Top 10 AA here] Good luck with your crusade. If they're efficient enough (or call in backup) you'll be soon fighting armpit/Kaznawim/Smitty and Velocity on loop for a few rounds.
  12. If you knew aris as well as I did? Well you'd know how wrong that is. Oh and for the record, I do speak for the Cult: I don't care what the two of you do to each other or why. So I hope you both have a happy smashy smashy time together. With love, The Stallion.
  13. There's a popularity contest? Man, that is a low bar..... Why are you here? And who were you in a former life?
  14. You know this isn't HoT's first crusade as 64Digits right? He's 'thrown away' his nation at far more competent players in the past and is still here, whereas they are (mostly) gone. I'd be a little more concerned about being a target of copycats if I were you. Your reputation is being challenged and at a certain point you have to ask yourself: Why is that?
  15. Squelch the little Weasel, Crush him before he spawns, Break it too me gently, With merriment and song. Greetings citizens of Steve, The Stallion is here once more. Earlier today, nations from the 'Peaceful Sapiophobes' declared a number of wars against the Boognish Cult. Including our very Lord Boognish! The Sapiophobes had been given a free pass for their past transgressions. There will be no second chances for unrepentent, cowardly blasphemers. Boognish Cult hereby recognises a state of war with The Peaceful Sapiophobes May Admin have mercy on your pixels, for Boognish will have none. Taste the Waste o7
  16. Push the Little Daisies and make 'em come up. Greetings from The Stallion, the hand of our lord Boognish. We welcome all civilizations back to this planet you call Steve and wish you all a happy pixel sacrifice! For those unlucky of you to enter the gates of the cult compound while they were open, we regret to inform you that the Cult will not be accepting any new recruits as of this date. For those who still wish to seek the blessings of Boognish, we would like to invite you to frolic on the freshly cultivated Brown Team sphere where Boognish will determine whether or not you be blessed with the protection of the Cultists. To those who refer to themselves as the "Peaceful Sapiophobes" we welcome you to this planet. We too are new to this land and made our fair share of mishaps along the way. In the spirit of this and with a new round beginning the lord Boognish has decided to overlook your attempts to poach loyal Cultists. Boognish has also chosen to overlook your attempted warmongering after heated exchanges of words, you are after-all "Peaceful" allegedly and we realise words hurt those who do not use sticks and stones like the rest of us. Now let us all commence the Squelching of the Weasel. Buckingham Green awaits: Taste the Waste. Signed: Boognish - The Bumblebee Pandy Fackler -The Stallion
  17. This is actually a good example of Non Grata Mind Control. You can now just make them destroy the infra themselves as a result of your sheer proximity to their borders.
  18. Also former Umbrella (pre-Oculus bootlicking phase) member here, I say everyone does the opposite of what this guy says!
  19. Now, I've seen you say this before in another thread and I don't quite understand why you feel bad for me? It's not like the crown was thrust upon my head at gunpoint and I've always enjoyed leading alliances of good people (regardless of what state their nations may be in after a war) It's far more fun than maintaining some middle-management office drone role where you have responsibility but no meaningful influence over your alliance. Pick up the pieces? Fairly straight-forward stuff that; get people aid, make sure trade circles don't fall apart and maintain an active presence in the community. Oh! The crushing burden of it all.... And just for clarification; the current King of Cobra is not in Non Grata, he's right here addressing you. You can keep your pity Smitty. P.S. I don't think you seem to understand what a coward is: Cowards tend to avoid fights, not start them.
  20. Yes Jerdge, the wiki is an impartially edited resource! Out of curiosity, who manages it?
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