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  1. Far too complicated! Johnny Apocalypse' Perfect Cup of Tea: 1) Throw a teabag into a mug 2) Add sugar (anymore than two and it tastes like Ribena) 3) Pour in boiling water 4) Add milk 5) Strain teabag against side of mug with teaspoon 6) Stir 7) Remove Teabag 8) Ahhhhhhhhhh :>
  2. Yeah but at least know where "Peace in our time" comes from and the events that followed it.
  3. Can we stop using the word literally for emphasis? At least he acknowledges that his backyard is also full of !@#$, but at least you put more effort into your NO U post this time. Things are looking up!
  4. I used to have a 486. Good times! I didn't have the luxury of a 1GB hard drive though
  5. That's a shame. Well, best of luck in whatever you decide to do now.
  6. Could you not have handed the reigns over to another person?
  7. Hey AUT, that's some nice herring you caught at the lake today. Boy oh boy look at them red scales as well! That's a keeper.
  8. To say the NPO hasn't changed would be politically ignorant. Pre-Karma NPO was a bully, they'd choose to roll someone, get the allies to drop their treaties with them and the tanks would roll. On occasion it would start a global war when someone stood up and said no. Now, NPO can't do that, even after this war the political climate has changed in such a way that they'd have a harder time doing so today than they did before. You also only have to look at the attitudes of Pacificans on the OWF to see that they have changed. They still want to be top dog though, that hasn't changed. And I'm glad it hasn't, someone has to have some ambition in this game.
  9. did you look at the propaganda? They're paying for 18% of the damage done. I'd like to know what you think extortion actually means. If we were actually 'extorting' reps from FEAR that number would be alot higher than 18%
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