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  1. Hola Bro, me gustó tu nombre y avatar, me hizo reír mucho, gracias.

  2. Feliz Cumpleaños MB!!!

  3. i like her but she dont care :P

  4. Hola amigos!!! (damn i need to enter here more often xD )

  5. Hola bonita que tal ^^

  6. Hi Linda how are you been? ^^,

  7. Hey Motu!

    Nice show you made !!!


  8. Oh mylady Mia... nice to see you

  9. Hey join TOP Timmieee!!

  10. what? yes i pass here.. i was bored

  11. Que? somos amigos o no?


  12. Hey Mega, you still alive?

  13. Hey Syz whatsupp my friend?

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