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On The Day You Crossed the Line

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In defense of our long time treaty partners, The Phoenix Federation, The Sasori Initiative hereby declares war upon the Mushroom Kingdom.

TSI has always prided itself on its respectable behavior during war, so we hope for a fair and fun fight. Free [url=http://justbeer.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/moab-scorpion-pale-ale.jpg]Scorpion Beer[/url] and [url=http://popsop.com/wp-content/uploads/picture-1skorppiovodka.png]Scorpion Vodka[/url] will be offered in #tsi for the remainder of the war.

We may not be the largest alliance on Planet Bob, but you know what they say. The smaller the Scorpion, the more potent the sting.

The Empress, Shurukian
The Shogun, Chunky Monkey
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kharn
The Minister of Internal Affairs, Lord Cyvole
The Minister of Economics, Freeland

[size="1"]P.S. Free Cake to whoever gets the title.[/size]

Edited by Shurukian

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[i]The smaller the Scorpion, the more potent the sting.[/i]

March on my fellow Scorpions, and let's show the world just how true that statement really is.

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Although we charge into the maw of hell, we do so with our heads held high and rifles in hand.

[quote]The Black Regiment
by George H. Boker

Dark as the clouds of even,
Ranked in the western heaven,
Waiting the breath that lifts
All the dread mass, and drifts
Tempest and falling brand
Over a ruined land;
So still and orderly,
Arm to arm, knee to knee,
Waiting the great event,
Stands the black regiment.

Down the long dusky line
Teeth gleam and eyeballs shine;
And the bright bayonet,
Bristling and firmly set,
Flashed with a purpose grand,
Long ere the sharp command
Of the fierce rolling drum
Told them their time had come,
Told them what work was sent
For the black regiment.

"Now," the flag-sergeant cried,
"Though death and hell betide,
Let the whole nation see
If we are fit to be
Free in this land; or bound
Down, like the whining hound,
Bound with red stripes of pain
In our old chains again!"
O, what a shout there went
From the black regiment!

"Charge!" Trump and drum awoke,
Onward the bondmen broke;
Bayonet and sabre-stroke
Vainly opposed their rush.
Through the wild battle's crush.
With but one thought aflush,
Driving their lords like chaff,
In the guns' mouths they laugh;
Or at the slippery brands
Leaping with open hands,
Down they tear man and horse,
Down in their awful course;
Trampling with bloody heel
Over the crashing steel,
All their eyes forward bent,
Rushed the black regiment.

"Freedom!" their battle-cry,
"Freedom! or leave to die!"
Ah! and they meant the word,
Not as with us 'tis heard,
Not a mere party shout:
They gave their spirits out;
Trusted the end to God,
And on the gory sod
Rolled in triumphant blood.

Glad to strike one free blow,
Whether for weal or woe;
Glad to breathe one free breath,
Though on the lips of death.
Praying alas! in vain!
That they might fall again,
So they could once more see
That burst to liberty!
This was what "freedom" lent
To the black regiment.

Hundreds on hundreds fell;
But they are resting well;
Scourges and shackles strong
Never shall do them wrong.
O, to the living few,
Soldiers, be just and true!
Hail them as comrades tried;
Fight with them side by side;
Never, in field or tent,
Scorn the black regiment. [/quote]

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[quote name='Believland' timestamp='1296973383' post='2621669']
I thought you guys disbanded. Glad to see Chunkymonkey is still alive though.

Actually the last time we were at war we 'surrendered' and got reps. Those alliance we surrendered to proceeded to stumble into anarchy and disband too fast for us to pay them their reps. :awesome:

But yeah CM's been telling us war stories and smoking his Voxian cigars with us for a while.

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Good luck :)

[quote name='Believland' timestamp='1296973383' post='2621669']
I thought you guys disbanded.

I thought the same before this war tbh :P

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Man, eventually TPF is going to have to come out of peace mode before all the allies they sent into battle are piles of smoldering ash.

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