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[OOC: please play our [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwlm_k6R6lo&feature=related]Alliance Anthem[/url] in the background while reading this, sorry for the shotty sound effect, were working on it playing automatically.]

[center][b]Declaration of Existence


The Sovereign[/b]


In the course of human lives, through the experiences of both Justice and Tyranny in the various forms for which individuals have been exposed; it is only natural for a people to desire some Just aspects of certain societies and to throw off other Tyrannical aspects of another in an ever ending attempt to create a more Just and perfect society. We; a people of planet Bob who have entered into many different political contracts; join together now in one solemn place to lay for the foundations for such a society.

We hold these beliefs to be dear to our hearts and worthy of our Mutual Defense, Wealth and Honor to ensure their continued existence, now and always; that government should be divided into three separate but equal branches of Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers; that a government should be directly accountable to the governed through transparency, and that such transparency needs to be safe guarded from those who would seek our harm; that the general membership of any alliance is a branch of government and the change of any contract between those who govern and the governed must be approved mutually by both; that only those who are duly elected by the general membership of a society should be the only ones to enact any policy; that neutrality is boring to a game such as this and complete disregard for the engagement of foreign affairs is reckless, and that a policy of semi-neutrality should be enforced to ensure the safeguarding of our people without throwing there safety to the wild wind of the treaty web; that active members are the lifeblood of any alliance in regards to their day to day operations and ultimately the success or failure of the alliance, and so a small permanent government is needed with a flexible subservient government that is able to expand and contract based on the amount of such members and the needs of society.

We enter together into Planet Bob with great excitement and look to see what ultimate effects we have on the wider international community.


Keeper of Order

Alliance Forum


CN Wiki
Being worked on at this time.

Sovereign currently has many government positions open, if you are interested please log into the Sovereign forums or contact us via IRC. Positions may or may not be guaranteed depending upon the amount of request for such positions. Current positions at this time are the Secretary of Internal Affairs, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces of Sovereign (A 3 or 4 star general).

By Declaration (Law) Sovereign is currently a Blue Team alliance at the moment and has a temporary protectorate treaty with The Foreign Division, but is seeking permanent entry into the peace and love train bloc.




There will be a Triumvir which will consist of three Citizens to serve as triumviri who have not have been found guilty of any crimes within a The Sovereign court of law; and who shall serve a term of four months each, and as many terms as they are reelected; whereas every four months triumviri candidates will be elected by Citizens in an election by means of a secret popular vote; that will begin seven days before the end of the incumbent triumviri term and the period of election will occur over six days; on the seventh day the results will be made public and the three candidates with the most votes will be inaugurated as triumviri; and no triumviri will serve in any other office or position within The Sovereign.


Special Elections will be a seven day process; which will start with a three day period in which candidates submit their names to the Keeper of Order for candidacy; the following three days thereafter the Special Election will be held by means of a secret popular vote of Citizens; on the seventh day the results will be made public and the candidate with the most votes will be inaugurated as a triumviri to serve out the remainder of the incumbent triumviri term.

Any four Citizens of The Sovereign may submit to the Keeper of Order a call for Special Election to replace any one triumviri stated therein; whereas the Keeper of Order will initiate such thereafter; if the incumbent triumviri is not voted out of office he will be free from any further special elections against him from those individuals who made such a call for that term; if the Triumviri candidate is elected he will be inaugurated into office to serve the remainder of the prior triumviri term.

If a Triumviri is found guilty of a crime in a The Sovereign court of law, the Keeper of Order will initiate the Special Election process.

Triumviri may go on leave from their post but must state to the Triumvir prior to their departure the expected period of absence, but no period of absence will be longer than 15 days otherwise a special election will be required. The Triumviri going on leave must also select a Citizen to serve in his stead during his absence. If any Triumviri becomes absent for periods greater than three days without warning to the Triumvir or does not return after the predeclared period of absence; then the Keeper of Order will temporarily assume his seat and initiate the special election process for that seat.


The Triumvir will serve as both the head of government and head of state; and will have the power to negotiate, pass and terminate Treaties; Declare War; negotiate cease fire, peace and surrender; and pass Declarations; whereas all three Triumviri must vote in favor of to pass, by means of public vote within the Triumvir; in which the discussion and votes of each Triumviri will be viewable to the Citizenry. No vote will take longer than seventy-two hours to pass from the time a vote is put into motion; periods of voting may end sooner if all Triumviri have voted before seventy-two hours; upon the passage of a proposal the primary Triumviri of that proposal will be responsible for the posting of such.

Declarations serve as laws and will be used to: provide for the common defense; regulate commerce and team color; promote the development of Citizen nations welfare; regulate foreign affairs; establish a general set of rules of conduct; provide for common communication; make for the appointment of individuals; and create, alter, or disband institutions and provide for their regulation and delegated authority to such. Citizens will have the right to submit Referendums to the Triumvir, but those proposals shall be reviewed and only enacted by the Triumvir.

No person other than triumviri will speak on the triumvir floor without authorization from the triumvir by means of Declaration, a short term personal invitation from any triumviri or a summons to a triumvir hearing; and guests must abide by all regulations to such.


There will be no more than four military grade treaties; with the exception of protectorate treaties; which will not be above a "Mutual Defense Pact"; and no military grade treaty will be enacted while The Sovereign is a protectorate under an active protectorate treaty; there will be no laws of ex-post facto; any powers not prescribed herein will rest with the Citizens of The Sovereign and will only be granted to the Triumvir upon amendment. The Triumvir will never be dissolved either permanently or temporarily to be replaced by any individual or group in any situation, and will always remain active, in power and accountable.


The Triumvir will select by Declaration one voluntary Citizen who has never been accused of a crime to serve as the Keeper of Order; and who will serve as such until the Triumvir replaces him by Declaration.


The Keeper of Order will; ensure this Constitution and Declarations are adhered to by all Citizen, including the Triumvir; serve as the Judge over all legal proceedings; accept all requested legal cases into court; serve subpoenas; place the legal process into motion; ensure all legal procedures and regulations within the court are adhered to as prescribed by Declaration; appoint prosecutors in a court of law when none exists; and run all Triumviri elections and their Inaugurations.

[center]SECTION III JURY[/center]

Both the Prosecutor and Defendant will select two Citizens each for a total of four Citizens to serve as a Jury. Citizens selected as Jurors will not decline their duties as such. Upon hearing the case and rebuttals of both the parties, Jurors will discuss and vote in secret amongst them outside of view of the membership, whereas a simple majority is needed to determine a verdict. The Jury will not discuss the case outside their provided chambers or in court.

In cases of conflictions of Declarations and/or Treaties with this Constitution; upon being found by a Jury; the Keeper of Order will mandate to the Triumvir to make changes in the Declaration and/or treaty that may have deficiencies.

[center]SECTION IV PUNISHMENT[/center]

The Keeper of Order will determine a reasonable term of punishment of a loss of rights except the right to mutual security and support from hostile aggression, of a member found guilty of a crime; but there will be no punishment of banishment for any crime other than Treason or failure to submit to a given punishment. In cases of treason a unanimous decision to find the defendant guilty will be required of the Jury.

Treason is illegal and will be defined as when the actions of a member place the security of The Sovereign in jeopardy.


Application to The Sovereign is open to all players of CyberNations. Nations who wish application into The Sovereign must change their alliance affiliation to "The Sovereign Applicant" and meet all other requirements.

Thereafter applicants will be known as Acolytes and will remain such for a period of approximately two weeks; where upon the completion of that time, based off the applicants behavior and review by the Triumvir, the Triumvir or other competent authority as stated via Declaration, will determine the Citizenship status of the Applicant.


Upon successful completion as an Acolyte the member will change their alliance affiliation to "The Sovereign" and be declared a Citizen of The Sovereign and will have assumed all rights, privileges and responsibilities to such.


All Acolytes will enjoy the right to; mutual protection and support from hostile aggression.


All Citizens will enjoy the right to; absolute transparency of The Sovereign and the free expression thereof in a provided area not accessible to non-citizens; vote and call for Special Elections; mutual protection and support from hostile aggression; trial before a jury of Citizens and will not receive punishment without such nor be required to make for the provision of that which may self incriminate and the right to face their accuser therein; no Citizen will be asked to step down from government office if found by a Jury to be acting in accordance with Declaration, treaties and/or this Constitution; will not be twice charged for a crime; serve in Government office as long as they have not been found guilty of a crime; freedom to organize and assemble; petition the Triumvir with a list of grievances; submit a referendum to the Triumvir.


To amend this Constitution all three Triumviri must vote unanimously in a voting period not to exceed three days, but may be less if all Triumviri approve before that time, upon the passage of the proposed amendment in the Triumvir, it must be submitted for secret vote of the Citizenry which must be in favor by seventy-five percent of participating voters in a ten day voting period, after which it will be adopted to this Constitution, but there will be no Amendments to Article's IV and V.[/quote]

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The Foreign Division and Sovereign, also known as TFD and Sovereign, respectively, enter into the following protectorate agreement in recognition of the goodwill between their alliances.
Chapter I - Sovereignty:[/b]

The Foreign Division and Sovereign recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances.
Chapter II - Mutual Respect:[/b]

The signatories shall have the determination and good faith to prevent disputes from arising. In case disputes on matters directly affecting them should arise, especially disputes likely to disturb peace and harmony, they shall refrain from the threat or use of force and shall at all times settle such disputes among themselves through friendly negotiations.

[b]Chapter III - Protection and Defense:[/b]

The Foreign Division will consider an attack on Sovereign as an attack on TFD. TFD will attempt to resolve such an issue on the behalf of Sovereign through diplomatic means before force is ever used. While not required, Sovereign may come to the defense of The Foreign Division at their choosing if the need for mutual defense is ever requested.

[b]Chapter IV - Aid and Progress:[/b]

The Foreign Division will aid the Sovereign to help them grow as an alliance.
Sovereign will have access to the Technology Market of TFD for the lasting of this treaty. Forum Access Priviledges may be increased at the criteria of each Signatory.

Should both signatories feel there is the need for it; The Foreign Division will nominate one advisor who will work directly with Sovereign in the process of alliance development. When these objectives are attained the Advisor will remain as consulter to Sovereign. The Advisor will hold no legal or executive power as defined in Chapter I.

[b]Chapter V - Team Senate:
Sovereign agrees to vote for a person of TFD's choosing for the blue team Senate.
Chapter VI - Aggression and Treaty Signing:[/b]

Sovereign agrees to alert TFD if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 72 hours of doing so. Sovereign will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with TFD leadership.

Sovereign will also contact TFD before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them with at least 48 hours of advance from the Signature of said Treaty. Any treaties involving any defense clauses must be explicitly approved by TFD, according to TFD legal process outlined in their Charter.

[b]Chapter VII - Disbandment:[/b]

In the event that Sovereign decides it can no longer function as an alliance; Sovereign agrees to contact TFD leadership as soon as possible.
If possible disbandment is an option; Sovereign agrees to contact TFD within 24 hours to discuss other options. TFD shall do everything at their reach to help Sovereign to avoid such a fate.

[b]Chapter VIII - Cancellation or Upgrade:[/b]

Both parties agree to give each other a 96 hour notice before cancelling this treaty.
When Sovereign feel they are capable of holding their security and do not need assistance from TFD, the parties may discuss a possible upgrade of the treaty.

Signed for The Foreign Division,

Speaker Letshunt
Senator Phil
Senator Illius Vander
Senator Barkeaters
Senator Iggy
Minister of Foreign Affairs Gearhead

Signed for Sovereign,

The Triumvir

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[quote name='oOoMidooOo' date='04 June 2010 - 06:38 PM' timestamp='1275637066' post='2323257']
Our Flag symbolies us.

The World and the circle represents Unity.

The Sword represents strenght.

The wreath Represents prosperity.
Nothing to represent peace? I am disappoint.

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[quote name='Moridin' date='04 June 2010 - 02:32 AM' timestamp='1275636715' post='2323255']
I was expecting the flag to be more like [url=http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a110/Numenorean5/800px-Ww.jpg]this[/url], instead of something that looks like the NPO flag. Either way, congratulations.

Hehe Mass Effect Reference

Good Luck to you boys and, where applicable, girls. These TFD people though they sound nice :D

Oh BTW that is one of the best songs in cinematography imho.

Edited by LetsHunt
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