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  1. Well as most of you heard The Nutties have attacked their neighbours. Northkorea has launched a war against south Korea. So NNK will you launch a war? and remeber North Korea is best Korea!
  2. MVP Egypt isnt the best. if you guys were the best why didnt you make it to the world cup? Also India isnt intrested in football, China has made it to the WC before but arent as much intrested aswell.
  3. MVP , lets be honest Egyptians have always thought they are the best . Egypt does play great football fast pace good tempo, however no need to insult other north african teams, Tunisia is a good side too, but look at the egyptian population and the Tunisian population
  4. oOoMidooOo

    Time Changes

    Well one of the reasons is that there is alot of alliances out there now compared to 2006 and 2007.
  5. As i said In my other Thread we are democratic and transparent . And No , i'm not confusing . But Members Could Say we do not Wish to enter a war etc. , we wont ask them but members Influence on the Triums / ministers Decisions.
  6. Ministers Are more Of Laws The Sovereign Triums Vote and choose the ministers. While There is elections For triums . We are Democratic because We Allow Members To see How their gov is ruling and they can share ideas , and have a word. So For Minister positions We do use Merticoracy and expereince.
  7. haha. I agree Beduer I have been Moving way too much Lately . Thanks o/ NATO
  8. Not really. Democracies Allow Initiative , allows ideas to be brought. It depends how well you use it.
  9. Well i would Like to say That Most Allainces In CN now are turning to Gov Power and thats it and even if they say They Are democractic You just know it , that its really Not. Not to mention The Amount of alliances that Dont Want their Members to say ideas or help Ruling. I'm Here TO offer Democracy To Higher levels of Transperacy and Membership Ruling. The Sovereign Is an Alliance Based on those Values , Where members Can see how their Government Are dealing and Democratic Ways and a open Community for Loyal And Determined Members. Help Us To start This Great Alliance. At the moment There is 3 Gov positions Open for expereinced Players And loyal: - Minister of Defence - Minister of Internal Affairs - Minister of Foreign Affairs So what are you waiting for..? If you Wish TO Speak and ask more about , you could find me at #cn-sovereign . And i'm online most of the time. OR Pm Ingame : ruler Name : oOoMidooOo Or Register & apply at our forums with a short desrciption of you wanting the positon Our forums : www.cn-sovereign.tk
  10. England were so lucky today against Japan. Also Spain only won 3-2 against Saudi arabia At home . That Puts Doubts over these 2 teams
  11. England v.s Portugal quarter final . Penalty shoot outs Portugal win AGAIN!
  12. yes i Agree with Agua i would love to see a team unlikely to win liek African Team. I hope Algeria wins it , just to rub it in the egyptians faces . ( i hope AUT doesnt see this lol)
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