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  1. [quote name='Banedon' timestamp='1319221004' post='2830008'] I'm pretty sure he's the conductor/engineer of this train wreck. NSO thinks their winning, Legion thinks their winning. I guess we'll go into round 3 and see if anyone taps out then. [/quote] You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Etaru. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Total Money: $278,476,746 I agree, lets play that game
  2. [quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1317707247' post='2815824'] No we really can claim that they are bigger than us. There's a magical thing called facts. Here are two. Legion: 6,109,080. NSO: 2,799,782. Roll them around in your mouth. How do those facts taste? [/quote] Perhaps what he [i]really[/i] meant was that, although Legion is statistically twice our size and strength, they're still so utterly incompetent that we maintain the clear advantage anyways... of course that's not what he consciously meant with his moralistic nonsense, but perhaps subconsciously..? ... perhaps not. FaCtS
  3. [quote name='Diabloz' timestamp='1312999360' post='2776742'] Wait this is the dark side? [/quote] Not yet it isn't I'll give this treaty a heil though HEIL o/
  4. [quote name='Jrenster' timestamp='1312905511' post='2775892'] Yeah I remember this !@#$. It was when Xiphosis tried to throw a wrench into the talks. All Sith will remember that and this war. [/quote] Yeah we will. Even though I was watching from the sidelines at the time, everyone witnessed SF pull pages straight from the Hegemony playbook when they attempted to turn a foolish stunt into an excuse to destroy or disband one of the few alliances that tries to make this world interesting. It wasn't the first time they've done it, nor the last, but they [i]will[/i] come to regret ever utteri
  5. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1312178856' post='2768972'] Congrats to my brothers in Europa. I support any announcement that gets Straylight to post with that delicious avatar. [/quote] [img]http://i52.tinypic.com/2epllvo.jpg[/img] Painting Planet Bob white one fence post at a time
  6. Quite impressive Europa, congratulations. Also, cool banner.
  7. [quote name='Emperor Whimsical' timestamp='1311950404' post='2766955'] http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/2263/1290483931728.gif [i] What?[/i] [/quote] We knew this was clearly a move by SF to get closer to the NSO, but we unfortunately signed it anyways. o/ NSO o/ Tetris o/ Hereno's Imaginary Penis
  8. CN has lost a fine player today. You're a cool guy SoL, good luck in the future and I'm sure you'll be back eventually See ya
  9. Oh god my eyes, they burn! Seeing the (OOC: old forum) brings back good memories though. Congrats I guess
  10. RIA really picked up a winner here
  11. You have incurred the wrath of He Who Must Not Be Named. Watch your backs Legacy
  12. This may be a bit late, but good work gentlemen. Hitting NAAC [b]never[/b] goes out of style
  13. [quote name='Franz Ferdinand' timestamp='1310772632' post='2756879'] Well, look at the Phoenix Federation, they are still going... somehow. [/quote] TPF have done and withstood far more than the vast majority of Planet Bob, especially more than your sad little pokemon micro
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