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  1. On behalf of myself and myself alone, happy anniversary OBR.
  2. The counter is real for Kommifornia! You don't have me yet, War Doves
  3. I'm starting to like War Doves because they're not complaining, seems like they enjoy a good 'ol fashioned war :popcorn: Then again, maybe they're not complaining because they have lots of others doing it for them. Seeing some good counters so far, can't wait until tonight :ehm:
  4. Hey! excuse my late entrance, I was in the jungle. o/ War o/ War Doves o/ Warriors. We both have 'War' in our name, let's make it happen! :gun:
  5. Dear War Doves. I love you. signed.. THE
  6. I like this idea, it would be cool to see an alliance's efficiency when it comes to war and would also help alliance leaders determine how well their alliance utilizing war slots.
  7. Glad we got to fight WD and OP as wholes :ehm: Shout out to my SDI for blocking all the nukes my opponent had on the first nuke night :ph34r: Good fight guys.
  8. Backfire, War Doves, experience it in all it's destruction.
  9. Tastes like Chicken. The Warriors hereby declare war on the War Doves for their clear involvement in our current war (I figured I'd make it official). This is the second war an alliance has claimed "partial involvement" against us, and we want it to be clear, you don't get to do that. Either man up and bring your whole AA, or get out. Bring your A game boys, this is going to be one hell of a fight. - Slacker.
  10. Samwise can't talk for War Doves anymore, he's in OP. :popcorn:
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