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    Lafayette Escadrille
  1. Don't worry man, I can't even figure out how to aop/ahop people in my own channel.
  2. overkill? impossible!
  3. I recently found This site that led me to think a lot about what toys I played with as a kid, specifically, of course, my army men. Years back (not too many, but still, many), I had loads of army men, I had 'machine gun guys' 'snipers' 'radio guys' (radio guys were probably my most useless, but I used them to coordinate my forces). I had minesweepers, the guys that hold their gun above their head (I called them bayonet guys), I had grenade guys, you name it, I probably had it. Along with my different soldiers, I had tanks, trucks, jeeps, a few cannons, and a medical tent. But my crown jewe
  4. Ernsters


    Stating my stance and experiences =/= complaining. take your trolling elsewhere, it won't work here
  5. Ernsters


    I'm not even complaining
  6. Ernsters


    Back in my greater n00b days, when I first started playing this game with my brother (we live in separate houses and were therefore able to play CN together), we decided we would be a force for good and "hunt raiders". My brother had been playing for some-time longer then I had, so he fed me cash while I released my inner war-monger and demolished n00bs with my own n00b nation. We'd tell them to stop raiding, while offering the raid'ees a place in our micro. We got into trouble a few times, almost got smashed up by a few alliances, but never a ton of trouble. We managed to stay alive for s
  7. I did, but besides that, I also wrote a blog post, it went a little something like this.. inb4troll
  8. Oh you like that one eh?

  9. New avatar is much better.

  10. Ernsters

    brb Rage quit

    I appreciate the comments guys Also, I'm not ACTUALLY rage quitting It's just the title I chose.
  11. Ernsters

    brb Rage quit

    I said that too I still LOL when I see "creampuff"
  12. Peace on earth, what about the soldiers!? nice read Thanks!
  13. It's hard not to take the game seriously sometimes, especially when you'e the one leading an alliance. It's pretty jacked up. People spy on your members, you don't know who, you get all mad and be hatin (that's what they're saying these days right? "be hatin"?). Or if you're in TE, someone declares war on your alliance, it seems like their whole AA is bigger than your AA, when in reality it's a pretty fair fight. Alright, I'll rant about TE. I decided to co-lead with Jarhead this round, with my goal of taking LE back into it's roots, which was simple 1v1 wars, well coordinated, with p
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