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  1. Don't worry man, I can't even figure out how to aop/ahop people in my own channel.
  2. Ernsters

    When I was a kid!

    overkill? impossible!
  3. I recently found This site that led me to think a lot about what toys I played with as a kid, specifically, of course, my army men. Years back (not too many, but still, many), I had loads of army men, I had 'machine gun guys' 'snipers' 'radio guys' (radio guys were probably my most useless, but I used them to coordinate my forces). I had minesweepers, the guys that hold their gun above their head (I called them bayonet guys), I had grenade guys, you name it, I probably had it. Along with my different soldiers, I had tanks, trucks, jeeps, a few cannons, and a medical tent. But my crown jewel was something far better then all of those combined, it was the pinnacle of my army, the deciding factor, the widow maker, the harbinger of death, The Hercules. Yes my friends, I could fit a tank in that gunship, I could obliterate the enemy with a single fly-over. This was my favorite toy, capable of destroying anything and everything in it's path. If the last 5 men of my green army were pinned down, with Tans closing in all around, you bet The Hercules would be there to rescue them, if not air-dropping a tank for the greens to use, then laying down massive amounts of fire onto the tan army. Of course, I needed a little variety in my play, I would dig trenches and "bases" for my armies in the back yard, I would cover my tanks in grass and leaves to camouflage them. Sometimes a select team of men would be chosen to rescue a captured ally, while also obliterating the enemy base in the process. I don't have the time to do this kind of stuff now, no, I'd much rather build an online nation and collect taxes. But I did buy my little brother a good amount of army men, he owns 6 tanks, two large armies, but sadly, I couldn't find another Hercules. Somethings may just have to remain in my memory.
  4. Ernsters


    Stating my stance and experiences =/= complaining. take your trolling elsewhere, it won't work here
  5. Ernsters


    I'm not even complaining
  6. Ernsters


    Back in my greater n00b days, when I first started playing this game with my brother (we live in separate houses and were therefore able to play CN together), we decided we would be a force for good and "hunt raiders". My brother had been playing for some-time longer then I had, so he fed me cash while I released my inner war-monger and demolished n00bs with my own n00b nation. We'd tell them to stop raiding, while offering the raid'ees a place in our micro. We got into trouble a few times, almost got smashed up by a few alliances, but never a ton of trouble. We managed to stay alive for some time.. I remember our first "alliance war", we botched a strike against another micro, and ended up getting rolled by them (not knowing about tech-deals at the time), we payed reps of 100 tech, it was a sad day. After that we ended up making friends with that micro (FoRA) and would call each-other in when needed. Anyway, back to my thoughts on raiding. I never really liked it, I mean.. IC it's pretty messed up, you hit a n00b, grow to twice their size, do two Cautious GA's, and offer peace. You steal their tech, maybe some cash, and then go on to the next target. If they fight back you have two options: 1). Fight them solo and probably crush them. 2). Call in your alliance mates and probably crush them. You attack a nation, steal their stuff, and get away with it, while this poor little nation is like "wtf, they can do that!?" and then they leave the game or find an alliance. Now in TE, there's another story there, man, I loved raiding in TE. TE I think is the one place you can raid and no one is like "hey, that's not nice!", TE is an 'enter at your own risk' environment. Survival of the fittest there. So I raided my fair share in TE, but never in SE. No, in SE I preferred the route of Rogue-buster (or raid-buster, on the rare occasion), I prefer the route of 'Hero' to be honest, which does end up getting me into trouble. One time, I remember this player and his one-man AA DoW'd This AA 'RED' (Red Elite Defenc/se), if I recall correctly he was about 20kish NS, my brother and I were about the same, as was our friend who was playing also. At that time we were protected by Amazon Nation, but were still under the sovereignty of our own micro. RED ended up doing nothing against this guy (SWATsomething-or-other) who had nukes and was nuking their member to bits, so we did something about it. We hit SWAT and started chopping away, a day or so later MrDamsky comes in with his micro and full-on declares war on our micro claiming a "secret treaty" with SWAT. LOL So we fought, Damsky with the numbers advantages, while our protectors worked on ending this debacle. Somehow we ended up having to pay reps (which we never paid, I'm sorry, but tbh I'm not), and Damsky claimed "destruction" of our micro (ehem.. no). Besides all that, we accomplished what we set out to do, protect that innocent nation of RED against the forces of evil and nukes. That's about how-much I hate raiding and wars with crappy CB's, it's unnecessary and more detrimental to the game then a lot of things, just buy your tech and play TE, set up war-games with your friends in other AA's, no need to scare away n00bs now..
  7. Ernsters

    I bought a hat

    I did, but besides that, I also wrote a blog post, it went a little something like this.. inb4troll
  8. Oh you like that one eh?

  9. New avatar is much better.

  10. Ernsters

    brb Rage quit

    I appreciate the comments guys Also, I'm not ACTUALLY rage quitting It's just the title I chose.
  11. Ernsters

    brb Rage quit

    I said that too I still LOL when I see "creampuff"
  12. Peace on earth, what about the soldiers!? nice read Thanks!
  13. Ernsters

    brb Rage quit

    It's hard not to take the game seriously sometimes, especially when you'e the one leading an alliance. It's pretty jacked up. People spy on your members, you don't know who, you get all mad and be hatin (that's what they're saying these days right? "be hatin"?). Or if you're in TE, someone declares war on your alliance, it seems like their whole AA is bigger than your AA, when in reality it's a pretty fair fight. Alright, I'll rant about TE. I decided to co-lead with Jarhead this round, with my goal of taking LE back into it's roots, which was simple 1v1 wars, well coordinated, with people we like to fight. I wanted to fight RE, I like ADude and Stelios, and it's been a while since we've blitzed RE (hasn't it? I think it has, I know we fought last round, but I wanted to hit you guys this round). Instead, what happens? Duckroll comes in and hits us with a mid-day blitz on day 3. The soonest I've ever seen someone fight (I think) was day 7. Day 3, I didn't even have a single plane on day 3, I was still buying improvements. If you've ever played TE, you can imagine the little drop of sadness that sang through my heart when I saw 27/28 of our AA in anarchy. We couldn't even counter-blitz because we only had 1 nation able to go offensive. ok ok. Yes. I agree people will play the game how they want, and yeah, I do agree we hit Anon early last round. Here's a difference for you! Anon + SUN vs OP + LE was a fair fight, the numbers were fine, and we gave Anon enough time to actually be able to build. LE vs DR. Day 3. I had 2 members at 3NS, so I'll say our nation count was 26nations. Duckroll... had, what was it? +35 nations? almost a 10 nation advantage, on an alliance that hadn't even gotten a chance to complete their nation build. I see the resemblance, I really do! It's one thing for the community to complain about LE being unfair, they're entitled to their opinions, like everyone else. However, what bothers me is the inconsistency of complaints and dislikes. If LE had pulled a move like this, no doubt RE, Syn, tW, TPC, and DR would have cried OUTRAGE and been bashing us on the OWF. Who's doing that to DR? no one Not even OP, what is happening.. Maybe it's because Confusion doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's a jerk (sorry man, just calling it like it is), I'd hate to believe the community is sitting back in their seats going "well that was a Dbag move but... it was funny.. soo.. I won't complain about it." Also preempt on the "You guys declared on everyone while they were at war at the end of last round". Yeah we did. What's it they say? "Deal with it" ? LE wanted to make whoever wanted the flag really work for it, and we did that to the best of our ability, too bad those 3 Anon slipped through (Anon, who we supossedly hit with a Cheap-shot at the beginning of the round, maybe we should've been cheaper, eh? ). If there's anything useful about CN I've ever learned, it's that "fair" doesn't exist, and yes, I'll have to deal with it. but I don't get it when people say, "color me purple" inb4 rage comments and Confusion with a "sup" post.
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