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Echelon Announcement


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[size=6][color=#FF0000]Announcement from the Office of the Directorate[/color]

Citizens of the World,

To keep it short, when duty calls the called get going. In light of the fact that the Mostly Harmless Alliance attacked our allies, friends and drinking buddies in the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, we looked around the alliance for some arms and found a hidden cache (I blame Cozmo for his hoarding ways). In accordance with the clauses and provisions of the Ferrous Phoenix Pact, Echelon hereby declares war on the Mostly Harmless Alliance for their attack on IRON. See you on the field MHA, we're looking forward to a good fight.

[i]Signed for Echelon,[/i]
Neo Anglia, Admiral of the Flotilla
Solidus117, Tyrantula

Ruggerdawg, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance
AeonCin , Minister of Defence
Capt. McKinnon, Minister of Foreign Affairs
x Tela x, Minister of Internal Affairs

NKBlue, Civil Councillor
Ding Dong, Civil Councillor
elmekawy, Civil Councilor

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Top Posters In This Topic

Yeah truthfully I respect MHA, but sadly we ended up on the opposite side of the fight this time around. Best of luck guys, Don't mind our carrier groups in your waters. They're just there on business...


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[quote name='Rush Sykes' date='03 February 2010 - 01:06 AM' timestamp='1265177177' post='2155643']
The words....good riddance...come to mind.

Lol thats funny the same came to mind when you posted . WoW that is weird.
o/ Echelon
o/ The good fight

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