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  1. hey mate, one of crymson and Cent lackeys here. Here is something for you to think about. You were nuking each one of us , while only one of the 5 can nuke you back(I fired only 2 nukes your way iirc). Some math and you doing a good job make it easy for you to get equal damage done even outnumbered in the first week of the war. If war damage statistics were available when TOP went against CnG and many more, you could have seen how much more damage we were inflicting than receiving. I still have a screenshot of the infra damage I was doing to my targets in the first week of the war. As you
  2. o/ friends!!! Good to have you with us (even though I still have no wars yet :( )
  3. Did you guys manage to get the SDIWRC's or are you still depending on NPO for that? edit: Thanks Partisan for the correction :p
  4. Guys guys, give NG a break....NG playing the honorable and moralists here is because TOP beat them to the villains avatars theme. Thats all.
  5. Johan Vult!!! Edit: You played with your bone long enough.
  6. Thanks!!! We had to sacrifice one of our best friends for our stats-collecting :(
  7. With your obsession with MK, I think MK will forever live in your head.
  8. I'm confused!!! Does the great international community consider DBDC an alliance or not??
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