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Thanks CN Mods


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Thanks to everyone who helped get the new forums running tonight. I was going to hold off on the release for a while but everyone pitched in and got us ready to launch tonight. I know everyone dislikes/hates the new forum theme. I want to use the default theme while we work out all the bugs from the forum upgrade and then when everything settles down we might do a theme contest or something like that. So many people will be use to this theme by then that we may not want a change after everyone gets use to everything. There's lots of great features on these forums and I'm excited to see how they will benefit our community. Thanks again to everyone who helped get us going.

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I think the theme is fine. Perhaps the background should be made a little darker. I use a program called flux which darkens my screen as it gets later in the day. It reminds me of the time as I study. I've read that light, bright colors on screen may increase insomnia.


I like that it shows recent blog updates. I would not have seen such if the box was not there. Thank you.

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