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  1. Atlas

    Which internet grouping do you fit into?

    Picked "Moderators"
  2. Atlas

    Regarding Religion

    Hal & Sqrt: Unless you are here to discuss the holy scripts, get a room.
  3. Atlas

    Hotel Internet

    The only advice we can give is that you get a sitter or that you're extremely careful logging in from wherever you are. Public/hotel/college IPs always carry with them a certain risk.
  4. Atlas

    Best bad posters

    I nominate admin
  5. Atlas

    Punishments extending beyond their measure

    Let me add something:   I think most players by now (at least I hope this is the case) are aware of the fact that "XP Farming"/mock war is a violation and that it will be punished. In a normal case the punishment for that violation is the removal of any experience gained in the illegitimate war.   When multiple violations occur by the same nation (for example a nation having 3-4 illegitimate wars, or more) it logically follows that the punishment will be more severe.
  6. Atlas

    Regarding Disabling XP in War

    The option to disable experience is (currently at least) only an option for the attacker. It can only be done at the beginning of a war (in the declaration) and it turns it off experience for both sides of the war   Disable experience and you're allowed to have as many war games/competitions as you want.   Since the question asked has been answered, I'll direct further comments/suggestions to this thread.
  7. Atlas

    Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

    You have previously (before this was posted) received replies from both Allan and myself via PM addressing this issue.
  8. Atlas

    Same Network

    The best way to avoid getting deleted/banned is to not be on the same network.    Since I don't know the policies of their college or how their network is set up it's hard to give any more detailed answer to this question.
  9. Atlas

    Disabling XP

    There will be an announcement clearly stating the rules surrounding war games/slot filling/experience farming in the not too distant future.
  10. Who died and made you a Global Moderator?

    1. socrates


      /me surveys the pile of corpses beneath his feat. "Uh-"

  11. Atlas

    An Alliance with a Improper Name

    This thread has been reopened.   If you guys want to discuss whether Northern Lights exist in CN or not you can go ahead and knock yourself out.
  12. Atlas

    Message bug?

    Think we're done here (for now at least).   Closed.
  13. Atlas

    Message bug?

    I've never heard of it before. Poke me/us if it happens again.
  14. Atlas

    Message bug?

    Did it happen more than once?
  15. Atlas

    TOP has a leak

    I know you guys all love SF, but make a new thread if you want to make him the center of attention.
  16. Atlas

    New Alliance: ACT!!!!!!

    It's completely fine to discuss (even hate) ideologies such as communism. But if you discuss these subjects in an IC forum the rules stipulate that you shouldn't use real world references (like the "Berlin Wall" or "Truman Doctrine").   Since this alliance (even though it's tiny) is based on opposition to communism as referenced in the OP, discussing such topics seems to be fair game.     Carry on.
  17. Atlas

    Last Round of Tournament Edition?

    Yes he has.
  18. Atlas

    GOONS break agreement

    A tad late.   Closing this thread.
  19. Atlas

    This world is tiny now

    [quote name='Lamuella' timestamp='1324240655' post='2881340'] these complaints about how CN isn't as good as it used to be aren't as good as they used to be. [/quote] I agree with this. Furthermore: [quote name='admin' timestamp='1295307861' post='2579043'] I'm a fan of the Dallas Cowboys football team. During the regular season the team was having trouble getting wins. They interviewed one of the players and he said, "We go into these team meetings to discuss what's going on with the team. You go in there with an idea of what the problem is, and then everyone starts giving their input, and you leave the meeting with a sense that the problem is much more worse than it really is." That's what these threads have become. Everyone is giving their input on the situation, placing blame all over the place and making the problem seem much worse than it really is all the while resolving nothing. This game is 5 years old. I didn't expect it to last 5 months. We still have 20,000 playing the game. Enjoy. [/quote] Closed.
  20. Good to see that you're staying on the right side of the rules.

  21. Atlas

    MCXA Declaration of Neutrality

    I don't know where this thread derailed, but I think it's quite enough of the off-topic posts.
  22. Atlas

    Quote Updates (Technical Forum Question)

    I believe this has been answered. IF you have further questions I'm sure a quick Google-Search will answer it for you.
  23. Atlas


    Dear Locke is correct. Some colleges assign unique IPs, others do not. There will always be a risk that you will be flagged, and deleted, while playing Cyber Nations from a college campus. You can take steps yourself to minimize the risk but it is something you will have to decide on your own.
  24. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated