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  1. Whoo! Just got my new Lumia 920!

  2. Twitter API 1.1 Test

  3. As one of the founding and last members of the New Sakura Order, I thought I would write a few words about the alliance. We formed about 2 years ago as a splinter of the SOS Brigade. since then we had made it our goal to survive and thrive in this world we call Bob. We've managed to do so for two years, but out run is coming to an end. But this is part of that same goal of surviving and thriving, out of a want to make ourselves better, along with our best bros from Tetris, we have decided to merge together to form our new home together of Shangri-La. I was one of the original government members that is still in government in the New Sakura Order. I have enjoyed every minute of being in this alliance and I am sad to see the alliance go. I did voice my opposition of this merger to begin with but Elrich, the other original government member still here, convinced me that the alliance image would still be there in our new home and I was convinced. So, we're not really leaving. The alliances of the New Sakura Order and Tetris are just deciding to move in with each other. Before we go though, there are a few things I want to do and say. First off, I would like to thank every one of our allies that we have had.[list] [*]To the no longer existant IAA: Thank you so much for being our protector until you faded away. You were awesome to work with and I enjoyed it. I am sorry for the entire government to have caused you guys a bit of trouble. [*]To GATO and LoSS: Thanks for picking up the protectorate from IAA when they passed. You guys are awesome for doing that. [*]To GATO: This is for upgrading with us to an MDoAP, I've enjoyed working with you in the New Sakura Order and will continue to look forward with working with ya as a member of Shangri-La's government. [*]To the AOD Brigade: You guys were awesome. It was saddening to see us go our separate ways, but it happens. [*]To LSF: Let's keep the party going while we're in Shangri-La, you're awesome people and its great to work with ya. [*]To the dead SOS Brigade: It was cool working with our old home after things cooled down from the whole Arrnea thing. [*]To the defunct BTA: You guys were cool, rest in peace bros. [*]To RIA: You've been a riot guys, lets keep the insanity going with Shangri-La. [/list] For our every member of the New Sakura Order, current and past members. I would like to award you with this award. [center][img]http://cn-shangrila.net/uploads/awards_images/1-AwardImgMaster-1350087362.png[/img][/center] [center]For being a member of the New Sakura Order[/center] Thank you guys for being a member of the alliance, every single one of you guys. You were fun to hang around with. There were a lot of you, so I can't name them all, but you know who you are. Now, I have another award to give out. To Katsumi, you were our original empress. You were great, it was fun and crazy working with you and I enjoyed every day of it. To you I award you this special award. [center][img]http://www.newsakuraorder.com/uploads/awards_images/4-AwardImgMaster-1350087994.png[/img][/center] [center]For being the original leader of our home[/center] I want to close this off by saying that this is not a goodbye, but rather a new beginning. We're still around, we're just going to be living in a new home.
  4. Just completed: You're Under Arrest! Second Season (Score: 7/10) http://t.co/xcFlPr0V

  5. Got stuck on this one the PS3 for a few hours back when it came out, thanks for (@YouTube http://t.co/ywTRoNur)

  6. Just completed: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Special (Score: 7/10) http://t.co/lUKhVZDv

  7. Just completed: You're Under Arrest! Mini Specials (Score: 6/10) http://t.co/QDRrz1ZY

  8. Just completed: Kimi no Iru Machi (Score: 7/10) http://t.co/q99sUXOE

  9. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Bg4ueCnF /a/ sings Abingdon School Boys - Howling (Darker than Black)

  10. Just completed: You're Under Arrest!: Diverting Traffic at the Beach http://t.co/drXvwfUF

  11. Just completed: Aquarion Evol (Score: 7/10) http://t.co/mhp5fGCA

  12. Just completed: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Score: 7/10) http://t.co/LItEc6XO

  13. Just completed: Fate/Zero 2nd Season http://t.co/YWPXNgBz

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