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Quick Turtle Announcements

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It brings me great joy to announce that in the time of about 2 and 1/2 months The Killer Turtle Brigade has passed the 500k NS milestone! But... Announcing 500k NS is so lame that we decided to announce our 550k NS instead. Picture Below:


We would also like to welcome all alliances to send diplomats to us! Our forums are located at: http://tktb.co.cc/forum Thanks :)

As along as I'm announcing things here's our gov roster:

Turtle Overlord - James Maximus

Grand Turtle - ditchboy00

NToFA - JewelAngel

NToF - Unfallen Knight

NToW - DogsOfWar


We would also like to declare that The Beastie Boys are the Kings of all that is and all that ever will be.


That is all.

Edited by James Maximus
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James, you failed to follow my guidelines on this post. I am most displeased. MOST displeased.

Also, go team!

I know... there was no shoutouts to me at all :(

Thanks everyone.

Don't forget to come and say hi in #tktb (but remember that the aussies have taken over so we might all be sleeping :P )

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