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So I heard you lieked the test of time?


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*Just noticed this a few minutes ago*

I just so happen to join CN at this time. December 15, 2006, some annoying new guy joins Cybernations via google search, and doesn't realize what irc is until WoTC, I never bought a wonder until around Karma war. I never had warchest until Karma war. The only war I have participated in in UjW and the USA-OV war. I have been a member of several alliances:

SOUL, SOLID, USA, DT, SPA, SLCB, NpO, USCN, and NpO again.

I've made my fair share of mistakes, and have way to many to count.

Thank you to the following friends,

Keve69 of UINE, I want to see you guys prosper, big time! :)

VanHoo of Rok, I wish you joined Polar :P , good luck leading Rok back right back up to sanction!

Bob of MK, you have helped me since the USA-OV war, your insults have led to my betterment.

Gairyuki of NV, you are a bro, no doubt.

Soonernation and Rayvon of VE, thanks for teaching me about diplomacy.

Sethb of VE, hope you come back soon.

theAUT of AUTistan, er Carthage, you are a bro with one cool story!

Ejayrazz of the ninjas, only spoke to you a few times, but you be ballin'

Myworld of DT, keep on truckin' with that powerhouse in DT!

Supa_Troopa of DT, much love to my dear friend. <3

The Wu of DT, you a brotha, you a brotha.

Auinur of DT, you changed a lot after I left SOLID, I still think you are awesome.

jab07 of Fob, it started all with borrowing money.

Imbored24470 of SLCB, you saved me one too many times!

Koel of SLCB, you need to stop being so awesome, seriously.

scigirl534 of MK, I've known you for a year, your cool.

Fernando of FAR, your arrogance is strong, but it isn't a bad thing in your case, lead your alliance a FAR way.

Watchmen of TSO, I remember you from NADC, you really kept me going when things got rough.

marx82 of NpO, You saved me back in the USA-OV war, thank you.

^ same goes to all former CPCN and SE members, you are great people, sorry for what I did, before and after.

Impero of VE, the minute I began talking to you, I knew you were a cool guy.

Fury of Resistance, it all started with an insult, and it began a friendship.

Titan of DT, I got mad respect for you.

Rakshashas of where ever, You a cool bro, even though you say it weird.

Jtkode of ARES, you always got a good sense of humor, no matter what.

Drakedeath of IAA, DRAKE OR DEATH, I remember how we used to hate each other, good times :)

Blackrose of IAA, :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Spectre of STA, You've been like a brother to me in Polar.

Polaris, you are a group of great people. A++ alliance, I should of joined earlier.

Jay of BTO, you got a solid alliance, go for it!

KingWilliam, The first NPO member I ever knew :)

And, my mentor and the person I look up to in CN the most,

Magnet of Magdonia, DT. You let me experience the game, and even though I failed my academy tests in SOUL, you passed me anyway. When I left SOLID, and DT, when WoTC went on, I never saw an ounce of disrespect. It's all calmness and honor for you. Isn't it?

And I probably forgot about a large amount of people. Thank you guys who I missed as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions, there is baconated cake and Mountain Dew in the back.

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Imbored24470 of SLCB, you saved me one to many times!


Feel free to ask me any questions, there is baconated cake and Mountain Dew in the back.

I claim the Mt Dew.

And yes, I have. I must be Jesus. Jesus saves!


oh, to mimic the above poster. *one too many times

so now I've saved you two too many times?

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Hell yes my brother!

Congratulations man, may we celebrate till we both pass out and wake up with a naked midget on the sofa.

I have a question for you.

What do you feel your biggest mistake was in CN and your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest mistake was when I left SOLID. My biggest accomplishment was when I began to utilize my writing ability.

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You have Colbert as your avatar. You must be God.

And you forgot me <_<

Also, hello.

I like the way you think.

And I amsorry, you were that guy who did that one thing for me, how could I forget?

Also nice evening.

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