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  1. Melchior

    Pass the Dutchie

    This is hilarious. Mr Damsky, the only title you can possess that isn't self declared, is laughing stock. I know for sure that you are the laughing stock of VE - I happily engaged in that numerous times. The mere idea that anyone would let you hold any position is ridiculous and is only done in ignorance or idiocy. But I mean not to critise you, only encourage you to continue, for you bring a smile to my lips every time you appear.
  2. Melchior


    o/ KAIV You were a fun guy and I recognise my own thoughts in your words as well. Especially about VE and the game updating. VE lost much of its charm with careless members and leaders who don't regularly read the Viridian Culture.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid one can be to think that 'spying is ok' because the spy has access to the information. It's not even a question of tolerating spying: in this world, if you spy, you get screwed. It has never been any different.
  4. Melchior

    CN Leaks Depository

    I think the best part about this is that he uses Yahoo. That's hilarious.
  5. This is so awesome. With WasDrogans attitude, I enjoy seeing the hilariously embarrassing position he put himself into.
  6. Melchior

    Why I am resigning from AcTi

    [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1288758176' post='2500565'] AcTi sounds like a joke and you sound like an egotistical child. Nobody wins from this thread. [/quote] Untrue. I've been giggling all the way through. I can't help but feel like I won.
  7. Melchior

    Confederacy of Independent States Alumni

    o/ Confederacy of [b]Imperial[/b] States Humbly, I'll also give a o/ to the old IMU crew.
  8. Melchior

    War Ends

    Reps are getting harsher and harsher, these days, aren't they?
  9. Melchior

    Players you've always admired

  10. Melchior

    Objective of the War on NSO?

    [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1281429338' post='2409360'] There are two important questions IMO: 1. How will it end? 2. When will it end? [/quote] I think the only terms will be admission of defeat and an apology for the misconduct that sparked the war. I think NSO would rather accept harsh terms than those two. As for period, unless they pull a FAN, it will most likely end within the next fourteen days. [quote name='William Bonney' timestamp='1281430014' post='2409372'] You do know that Viceroys are no longer able to be used by [u]anyone [/u]due to the terms of service, yes? [/quote] Viceroys aren't disallowed by Admin Almighty. His Commandments (ToS) simply state that an alliance cannot take over root admin of a foreign alliance forums. Technically it's still allowed to install a person as viceroy. He just won't possess the same power as those NPO installed.
  11. Melchior

    Olympus Declares War

    Fail announcement title. [quote name='Shakira' timestamp='1282065419' post='2419858'] [color="#FFFF00"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Congrats on your new government.[/font][/color] [/quote] And fail typeface and colour. x2
  12. Melchior

    An Announcement From The New Guy

    I'm a big fan of mergers - as it decreases numbers of alliances, but seriously 'A New Guy'? I understand that we should have entertaining, lolish types around, but there isn't the faintest sign of imagination to your name.
  13. Melchior

    Declaration of War

    There's just an obscene lack of evidence.
  14. Melchior

    The Evidence Is Clear, At Least To Me

    Yo, make someone important post this! [quote name='maicke' timestamp='1281396868' post='2408595'] Maybe if Rebel Virginia or Corinan made this, people would care. [i]Maybe[/i] [/quote] That is entirely true.
  15. Melchior

    This Week in History

    I've always wondered why Vox Populi didn't go public in November? Wouldn't it be more fitting?