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Aussies VS Poms October 2010 Cricket Clan :)


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Think this belongs here, well

*me dust off the DoE papers*

I, Razorade, would like to encourage any Australians, Englishman, Indians, Kiwis to come to the wonderful channel of #Ashes-2010-11 to either bash the crap outta each other or just talk plain cricket ;)

This will be the home of cricket on irc up until the end of the ashes, aka the end of an era of cricket.

Also, Poms and Aussies are special people in the chan :P

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Just wanna throw this out there,

India is gonna wipe the floor with the other teams.

India will own Everyone, just like the owned australia in the one day series... When australia had how many players out?

I dont like Cricket, No, I love it!

anyway, ill def be in that channel often.

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