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This Week in Athens!


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Note: This is a parody of a parody. I make no claims of originality, wit, or cleverness :P

Hello and greetings!

Welcome to the first edition of This Week In Athens! I am your host Kpcurley, and I'll be bringing you the latest and greatest news from the that pillar of cyber civilization, Athens!

And now for our top stories...

Doin' fine in '09!

2009 has been a resounding success for Athens! Athenians have established themselves as a presence on planet bob by demonstrating continued growth, prosperity and moral judgement.

Citizens on planet bob really started to take notice of the righteous Athens when they boldly stood up to the evil forces of the hegemony during the great Karma War. Athens propelled themselves as moral leaders in the political ideology of a "New" Planet bob! A Planet Bob where tyranny and oppression of large alliances would not to be tolerated; a Planet Bob where oppressive exploitation from larger alliances would be a thing of the past!

All and all, this commentator can firmly say that 2009 has been a resounding success for Athenians. They should be safe in the knowledge of their moral superiority and national dignity!

Glorious Athenians March Into a Prosperous Future! "All your tech are belong to us!"


The Athenian leadership boldly and bravely cast aside their tech raiding policy this week, and joined with their righteous brothers FoB in a surprise raid on the puny and unprotected Knights of Ni.

Athenian leaders apparently felt their former Tech Raiding policy was limiting to the growth of their proud alliance. The stated tech raiding policy specifically prohibits raiding sovereign alliances of more than 10 players. However, the Athenian leadership demonstrated moral courage by casting that limiting policy aside and raiding the vulnerable Knights of Ni.

The Knights of Ni, though medium sized with almost 40 players, are largely unheard of and uninvolved in the politics of Planet Bob. This foolish lack of political character and clout clearly justified the coordinated raid by the brave and dignified Athenians. Athens should be praised for taking the time to teach medium sized alliances an important lesson. Nations now know that it is not enough to be part of alliance; one should also make sure their alliance is tangled up in a plethora of treaties ensuring their sovereignty. With any luck this raid will mark the end of small to medium sized alliances that have been plaguing Planet Bob. I for one salute the heroic actions of the Athenians!

Well, Thats about all the time we have today on TWIA! Be sure to tune in next week for another exciting installment! Thanks for tuning in!

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This is completely wrong.

Everybody already know that the real reason for this was to end all wars. By showing how evil raiding is we can hopefully get admin to remove the war feature so we can have eternal peace and stagnation.

/o Stagnation

/o Peace

/o Drama Shortages

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I liked it. Could have used a different title, but honestly the original was overrated anyway.

Thanks heft, people get way to serious around here, and cant even recognize a parody that pays homage to TWIP. I thought it was obvious that I was not trying to be original just satirical *face palm

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