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  1. Things look different... who are Non Grata and TLR?
  2. [quote name='Owned-You' timestamp='1299202494' post='2651764'] [font="Tahoma"]Am I a terrible poster? I'm led to believe such by various people on this forum, and considering my master Archon is not readily available to decipher these various comments into a cohesive thoughts into and further a party line...I, uh...I don't know what to think![/font] [font="Tahoma"] [/font] [font="Tahoma"]Help me, an average Mushroom Stooge at finding a shred of truth in this dishonest, cruel, world that my hands helped create. I fear to, that due to this that I may soon be stricken with an affliction known
  3. Yeah I noticed, just the explanation seemed to be that you were simply ignoring what is a pretty specifically defined word in the context of CN. To the extent where today was literally the first time I've ever heard peace mode referred to as turtling. Whatever, on with the amusing pictures
  4. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1298023560' post='2637481'] Maybe not in a conventional 'gamer' sense, but yes...it's a form of emulating a turtle. [/quote] Turtling has a pretty specific definition in CN, even though it could be seen as quite ambiguous, turtling is pretty much solely used to describe people not rebuying soldiers to avoid ground attacks and just sending out nukes/CMs and potentially aircraft stuff.
  5. [quote name='Hiro Nakara' timestamp='1297951614' post='2636646'] Poyples, Sign up so I can donkey you :v [/quote] When I get home I will. I'm warning everyone now though, the only time I'll be playing poker at 7pm server time on a Saturday will be just after I've got home from a night out Also why do you never call anymore Hiro?
  6. [quote name='Hiro Nakara' timestamp='1297936622' post='2636569'] I'm in the same terrible timezone as nippy. Gutted, it would have been a great laugh. [/quote] Yeah what this gimp said [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1297949915' post='2636638'] I'm obviously not on yet, since I've been at work all day. I'll install that crap when I get home from dinner tonight. [/quote] Oh people are signing up from odd time zones, I should read threads before posting. What this guy said too then.
  7. Well sure but when you throw out things like this [quote]1. Hitting a soft target likely to get a bump and run (hit, few days later get white peace) as many here have mentioned 2. Hitting legacy, a somewhat weaker link on the side, in hopes of knocking them out quick (i say weaker link in terms of treaties on reserve) 3. Hitting legacy because LoSS failed to inform them of the peace talks that happened at DT got screwed over by their ally[/quote] to try and justify whatever CSN's point of view happens to be at this moment in time then you contribute far less than most. I mean your second
  8. [quote name='CptGodzilla' timestamp='1297862078' post='2635584'] I am not saying anything of the sort. I am pointing out that when you are on the losing side of a war, all your actions are scrutinized by the alliances you are facing, and they will reply accordingly. CSN views DT's actions as either cowardly or opportunistic, thus they are replying to their views accordingly. There is no grand scheme or hidden message in my posts. [/quote] Well that's great, we all realised by now that CSN holds some pretty stupid, and some other objectively false, views regarding DT's actions. What exactly
  9. We didn't underestimate PC's fighting ability, in fact it appears we overestimated that Simply underestimated the lengths to which they would go in order to escape the beat down they've been receiving.
  10. You want an alliance to disband? Make them. Would love to see some people try and force some of alliances with less than 50 members to disband. Good luck with that. D34th is particularly amusing because he appears to have included an alliance with less than 50 members in his original list before stating that all alliances that small should die
  11. Dear God, that is an absolute abomination of a theme tune for episode 3.
  12. Well, Boortz is the first person to declare on me with a lower NS than me and he's outnumbered in the tech department almost 9:1. Dude clearly has giant balls of steel and it's enough to make me forgive him for stealing my last slot when I wanted to play with someone other than VE for once
  13. [quote name='Stefano Palmieri' timestamp='1297687729' post='2632877'] For me it would have to either be ^this or when Daggarz + someone else out of Nemesis Govt. (Well I think it was them), pranked Ezequiel. That was pretty hilarious. [/quote] Oh God yeah, I think it was Randy (now in LoSS) who did it with him. There have been too many hilarious moments for me to choose one, most of them already mentioned in here, but I'd like further info on some of these that can't be elaborated on if anyone cares to provide it in any medium A lesser known one (for obvious reasons) is the thread tha
  14. [quote name='RailForge' timestamp='1297689987' post='2632898'] LOL, Aurora Borealis. Aren't you and yours the same scum who tried to coup our fellow SuperFriend, Monos Archein? [/quote] They're also another alliance big bad Xiph threatened to disband. They're looking alive and kicking to me.
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