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Nordreich Announcement

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A Coronation Ceremony

Esteemed fellow-citizens of Planet Bob, friends of Nordreich, and dignified statesmen,

It is with great pleasure that, this afternoon, I come before you to announce an event which Nordreich has seen but four times before this momentous day. It has been twenty-six days since the new charter of Nordreich saw the temporary removal of the position of Kaiser. At the time, in accordance with law and tradition of Nordreich, a suitable successor to Kaiser Kingzog, who brought Nordreich back into the world with foresight and true statesmanship, could not be found. Since that time, one has risen and revealed himself to those responsible for the appointment of the Kaiser—not through words, but through services to Nordreich. He not only gave a means of communication, but indeed a community to Nordreich in the interim between the first and second Nordreich Alliance. He has shown not only distinct and unreserved ability to voice his opinions to the leadership of Nordreich, but a sense of humour and goodwill that has made him a beloved member of the entire Nordreich community. It is on this basis, that, with the approval of my fellow Triumvirs, I am honoured and very pleased to present to Planet Bob the new Kaiser of the Greater Northern Reich: Nemhauser of Chemelot.

Likewise, I would also like to present you with an addition to Nordreich nobility, and a clarification of our succession line. After Kingzog’s abdication, without a clear successor, necessity dictated a change in Nordreich’s Charter to clarify future situations of such a nature. In order to smoothen transfer of power and lighten the load on our government, we have established the position of Kronprinz, the successor to our current Kaiser. Having the faith of all in Nordreich, and displaying unparalleled activity amongst our leadership, Vinzent Zeppelin of Vacuum Valley is to be the first Kronprinz of Nordreich.

Government Alterations

A number of recent changes in government have also occurred. Chiftelos, a distinguished member and former Feldmarschall, has assumed the role of Reichsgeneral, and Sigurd Odinnson, a recent addition, has been made our Minister of Culture and Propaganda. In addition, PuliSher, our dedicated Minister of Interior, who has assisted Vinzent Zeppelin with his economic programmes, has assumed the role of Reichsbanker with the latter’s coronation as Kronprinz. In his stead, Gottrich Northeim has been appointed head of the Ministry of the Interior. Gottrich has likewise worked industriously over the past few months, dedicating himself to the internal reform of the Reich. His skill as an author of protocol shall serve the Reich well in the coming months.

These alterations, however, have left the Althing with four vacancies. After discussion among the Reichsregierung, current Althing members, and the Triumvirat, Nerull, Sigrun, and UnLimited have been selected to fill three of the Althing seats. The fourth seat will be assumed by Brian Reimer, former leader of Magna Europa. They shall serve the Reich well.

Charter Revision

With the coronation of a new Kaiser and new Kronprinz, a new charter is required to guide Nordreich on the new path we have departed upon. This charter is as follows:

The Nordreich Charter

As Ratified this 29th of August, 2009 by the Triumvirate

Table of Contents

  1. Nordreich Bluteid
  2. Immigration and Emigration
  3. Structure and Offices
  4. Symbolism and Ideology
  5. Foreign Policy
  6. War and Conflict
  7. Treason and Expulsion
  8. Amendments

Preamble: Nordreich Bluteid

We, the Germanic Volk, hereby swear complete fealty and allegiance to the Greater Northern Reich. We set forth this Charter to create a more perfect union and to ensure a safe and secure society of members, bound by brotherhood and trust, strength and prosperity, throughout conflict and peace. We solemnly swear to uphold the Charter and all the values emphasized therein as law, and pledge undying loyalty to the illustrious vanguard of the Volk, the Kaiser of the Reich and his government. We furthermore pledge to fight treason, cowardice, and desertion within the confines of the unified Fatherland, even unto death. It is by this document we so establish the state of Nordreich.

Article I: Immigration and Emigration

All nations requesting membership within Nordreich may be considered for admission as a member state. Immigrating nations must fulfill whatever immigration laws or regulations are in place at the time of their application.

Any admission may be blocked by the Triumvirat or their designated agents.

All Nordreich immigrants swear to have read and understood the Charter, and pledge to uphold the tenets and requirements therein. All requirements made of them by the Charter remain in effect until lawful resignation or release from citizenship.

All members are required to resign using proper protocol and to follow all Reich emigration laws in their resignation process.

Article II: Structure and Offices

Section 1: Der Kaiser — Emperor

The sovereign and monarch of the Nordreich state shall be the Kaiser, in whom is vested the power to issue declarations on behalf of the Reich which have been approved by the Triumvirat. He is the ceremonial Head of State, and the Head of Nordreich Nobility.

The Kaiser serves until death or resignation. In the event of either, the Kronprinz shall be his successor, an individual chosen by the Kaiser and confirmed by the Triumvirat at the time of each new Kaiser's accension. Should a Kronprinz be barred from ascension to the throne by the Triumvirat, the latter party, with the approval of the Kaiser, shall select a new candidate.The Kaiser cannot be expelled or suspended from power except by unanimous vote of the Triumvirat.

Section 2: Das Triumvirat — Imperial Triarchy

The Triumvirat of Volksführers wields supreme executive authority within the Reich. The Triumvirat has the power to declare war and amend this Charter with the approval of the Kaiser and, furthermore, to exercise its authority as defined elsewhere in this Charter. The Triumvirat retains explicit control of reviewing all government proposals, managing the general daily affairs of the Reich, and passing legislation, including, but not limited to, policy statements and treaties. Decisions are reached by a majority vote with a standard voting period of twenty-four hours. A Volksführer serves until death or resignation, upon which the remaining Volksführers determine his or her successor.

Section 3: Die Reichsregierung — Imperial Cabinet

The Reichsregierung shall be the executive council and chief advisory body of the Reich, appointed by the Triumvirat. The powers and duties, and the scope thereof, of the officers of the Reichsregierung shall be defined by decree of the Triumvirat, and not to exceed any limitations as established within the provisions of this Charter.

Section 4: Das Althing — Imperial Council

The Althing is the lower cabinet of the Reich, consisting of nine members. Five of the nine Althing members are appointed by the Triumvirat, and the remaining four are chosen quarterly by universal suffrage by all Nordreich members. At this point the appointed positions shall also be reviewed and amended as deemed necessary by the Triumvirat. Althing duties consist of drafting legislation and motions for consideration by the greater government, as well as providing counsel to the Triumvirat and Reichsregierung, where applicable. Both the Triumvirat and the Althing have the ability to draft legislation, however the duties of the passage of legislation lie with the Triumvirat.

The Triumvirat holds the power of expulsion over any Althing council member. The Triumvirat may move to block any elected Althing member from holding a seat, and furthermore may bar any citizen from running for the Althing.

No citizen may concurrently serve as an Althing councillor and a member of the Reichsregierung or Triumvirat.

Section 5: Die Wehrmacht — Defense Forces

The armed forces of Nordreich are a professional military, and service in the Wehrmacht is mandatory for all members, with exceptions made as the Reichsgeneral deems fit. The Reichsgeneral, as Commander of the Wehrmacht, may appoint officers to command over its various divisions, and may delegate to them the ability to promote or dismiss military officers at their discretion, in addition to any other powers or duties which he may provide them, within the limitations of this Charter.

Article III: Symbolism and Ideology

Nordreich declares itself a unified Germanic empire, committed to the security and prosperity of its member-states and citizens, as well as Germanic cultural preservation and manifestation. It stands for the protection of the unique identities of each of its member-states, as well as the promotion of brotherhood and unity among them.

Nordreich's ensign is the Odal, the rune of Odin. It symbolizes our ancient heritage, our fatherland, and our courage in the face of any adversity. It also symbolizes unity and strength, two core values of Germanic peoples and hence, the Reich.

Our crest is the Eagle, the emblem of Germania. It symbolizes power, unity and majesty. The eagle is a bird of prey, a king in its own territory. In addition, the form of the eagle reminds us of Odin's raven banner.

Article IV: Foreign Policy

Nordreich treats all foreign entities with the respect and diplomacy they deserve, giving even fundamentally opposed alliances a chance to solve issues through diplomacy in a civilized manner. When diplomacy fails to meet the interests of the Reich in any way, then and only then is war an available option. If attacked, it is expected that the Reich will retaliate, calling for support from its allies. The Reich shall always respond to requests from alliances with which the Reich has signed any treaty obliging mutual defense.

The Reich is a civilized alliance and does not see the need for senseless warmongering — diplomacy is always our first choice; however, we shall not hesitate to retaliate if our peace-loving Folk and lands are threatened or attacked in any way.

Article V: War and Conflict

In the name of defending the Reich's membership and after all peaceful diplomacy has been exhausted, the Triumvirat, with the approval of the Kaiser, may elect to declare war on another sovereign alliance. Following a formal declaration of war, the Commander of the Wehrmacht, the Reichsgeneral, has full authority to neutralize all military threats to the Reich. Regarding rogues, the Reichsgeneral has the authority to quickly dispatch of the threat, after it has been properly verified, through appropriate diplomatic channels, without an explicit statement of the Triumvirat. The authorization of the release of nuclear weapons is understood to be a collective decision by the Triumvirate and the Reichsgeneral.

Recognizing the sovereignty of all alliances, regardless of size, and in order to support the continued expansion of the Cyberverse, Nordreich does not engage in the practice of tech-raiding.

Finally, Nordreich does not engage in the practice of Permanent or Eternal Zero Infrastructure of its adversaries, reserving the right to keep enemy nations in a perpetual state of war only when all reasonable efforts to end a conflict have failed.

Article VI: Treason and Expulsion

The commission of treason, espionage, or sedition by a member against Nordreich is punishable by expulsion and summary destruction. Furthermore, acts of espionage allegedly committed in Nordreich's name, by a member of this alliance, are also punishable by expulsion and summary destruction.

Finally, desertion during times of active alliance warfare constitutes a crime against the Reich and its members, and offenders are likewise subject to immediate destruction.

Decisions in cases of high treason, espionage, and sedition shall require a majority vote of the Triumvirate; judgments in cases of desertion, failure to obey orders, and other military offences shall fall to the Reichsgeneral. Said judgments may be revised or overturned by the the Triumvirat and Reichsgeneral, respectively, upon receipt of a petition for forgiveness from the guilty party.

Article VII - Amendments

Amendments to this Charter may be passed by unanimous decision of the Triumvirat with the approval of the Kaiser.

General Assessments

A great amount of effort has gone into all of these changes as well as interal undertakings, and this opportunity should be taken to publicly thank all of those who have aided in the Reich’s development thus far: I am exceedingly excited to unveil them in the near future.

With that, and understanding that I have been quite verbose, I will conclude by thanking you for your attention, by congratulating those who have been appointed to new positions, and in saluting our new Kaiser. Our course has had its turbulence, but I have great faith that the drive, ability, and camaraderie of the Nordreich community shall lead us to our place in the sun.

Hail Nordreich!

Hail Kaiser Nemhauser!

Hail Kronprinz Zeppelin!

John C. Calhoun

Imperial Triumvir

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the new Kaiser of the Greater Northern Reich: Nemhauser of Chemelot.

Oh, wow.

Congratulations to NoR and Nemhauser... Especially Nemhauser. :P

Pay us a visit sometime. We have Dutch lager beer, that must be something you can approve of. ;)

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Oh, wow.

Congratulations to NoR and Nemhauser... Especially Nemhauser. :P

Pay us a visit sometime. We have Dutch lager beer, that must be something you can approve of. ;)

Thanks, as long as it isn't Heineken, count me in.

Also, with a Dutchman as Kaiser, you can finally take those locks of your bicycles. :P

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Thanks, as long as it isn't Heineken, count me in.

Remove yourself from that Kaiser position, you no longer deserve it. Heineken is the best beer in world and that's final! <_<


Hooligans? You should talk to more Nordreichers than just Chiftelos and Ahile. :P

Yeah, we have soldiers, cowboys, inmates, Muslim fanatics, Asian trannies, diverse group to pick from. :lol1:

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Sad to see Nordreich unity despoiled over beer... Actually that is incredibly fitting!

Seriously though, I have been impressed with everything I have seen so far, and an orderly power hand off is a great thing to see. Well done folks and good luck to the next generation of leadership.

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