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  1. I should add that I'm a friend of Martens - he's the one that got me into CNRP originally.

  2. So I'm looking to get into CNRP, and I have some ideas for RPing but it looks like most of the land that I wanted to use has already been claimed. What is the present situation in the Eastern United States, and how would you feel about a small rebellion in Tennessee?

  3. Not too sure to be honest. Our charter hasn`t been completed and we need to finalize the protectorate first!

    At least the forums are getting worked on hehe

  4. So when do we get to see TAE's DoE?

  5. Where are the inaccuracies? Please let me know, so I can include an errata in the next issue.

  6. So what's the deal with your relationship to TGE? I sort of jumped on Anson's butthurt comment without actually investigating the background.

  7. Hey Odinnson!

    How have you been lately?

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