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Poseidon Announcement


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The new :


And the Old :






I first met the good folks of Olympus back in January when they joined Pegasus. I knew on first meeting them that they were a class apart, and ever since they've done everything to make me realise that sometimes first impressions are the right impressions. Since then we've worked closely together on a variety of projects including having fought together shoulder to shoulder, and every time they only serve to further surpass by ever increasing expectations of them.

Olympians are that rare breed of smart, hard working, honest, honorable and alround classy individuals who I am proud to call my friends and allies. And so it is with genuine delight that I have the honor to be the first to welcome them into Posiedon.

A truly great day.

/o Olympus


/o Valhalla

/o UPN

/o Legion

o/ Invicta


Also, in other news, We'd like to take to opportunity to announce some recent changes which have made to the PEACE Econ Treaty.

1. Amendment to Article 3:

Member alliances recognize the need to work cooperatively in matters regarding the Purple Senate to ensure the interests of all signatories and Pegasus members. As such, any member alliance with fifty (50) purple members, or more, is eligible for Purple Senate seat rotation. Also PEACE only signatories shall be given a spot in the senate rotation upon request on the Purple Unity forums. Provided that they have spent 6 months in PEACE, have a minimum of 50 purple nations, 60% of their alliance on purple and are not vetoed by a majority of Poseidon in doing so.

Amendment to Article V: Membership

Membership is open to alliances that meets the following conditions. A majority of the alliance's nations are located on the Purple Sphere, or; The alliance requires or encourages its nations to be located on the Purple Sphere. The alliance has at least 10 members or a total of 250,000 nation strength. The alliance is not involved in a military conflict with any other alliance. The alliance has maintained good relations with other member alliances. Membership may be granted to alliances that meet these conditions by a 75% majority vote amongst PEACE & Poseidon alliances. Alliances have 48 hours to vote following a week long discussion, otherwise their vote is waived.

These changes represent a further coming together for the Poseidon and PEACE Econ brands of the Purple Unity Project, which we're confident help set us on a path of continuing integration at all levels for Purple alliances everywhere.

o/ Peace Econ.

o/ Poseidon.

o/ Purple

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Hurray !

I'm so glad to see it finalized !

Welcome Olympus !

And don't forget to congratulate all the Purple alliance of PEACE for having passed these amendments.. they're truly important and makes the family even bigger and friendlier when decisions are to be taken !

o/ PEACE econ signatories (SNAFU, AoDB, MASH) !

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I have to say it is an honor to have this come to realization. About 9 months ago everyone on purple welcomed us with open arms to purple. It was a refreshing breath of fresh air and a decision we did not take lightly, but one we have never regretted. Thanks to all those that have supported us from day one. We look forward to even stronger bonds!

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