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  1. My apologies for the comments that were received after your original post Tyga. There wont be any further bickering about this subject from our side and I will be having chats with certain people about this. Back on the purple love subject now please people
  2. Gotta love the extra purple luvin Sup Legion <3
  3. Massive love to everyone over in Kronos <3 you guys are amazing
  4. This thread is complete !@#$%^&* and makes a mockery of what orrple once was. Many of the members may not have been around when orrple was good, but it was. ODN and Legion had an amazing comradery and we considered ourselves as one. The end of orrple shows the end of one of the best times within the cyberverse, for myself at least. I'd like to think that it will be remembered for what it was, not the petty squabbles it has turned into. It was certainly fun while it lasted. o/ orrple
  5. I nominate Kait Kry has been nominated already. I'll ponder some on others
  6. Big respect to the guys I've fought, you've been awesome! Lots of love to all of our allies <3
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