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  1. Seipher Caim


    OOOHHH I like it ! Very fancy
  2. Yeah... sounds legit to me too... SCY If you dont take that opportunity I may as well take it for you... gimme his mail this way i wont waste such an easy profit...
  3. You gained a reader for you french conference blog ;)

    Have a nice day !

  4. "qu'est-ce que je n'ai même pas" to make a reference to a beautiful iFOK treaty if my memory is correct I'm glad to see here some friends... And Beasoleil, I take it that you browse the ingame nations roster and PMed all the nations with french names... You may find rulers that are not RL french people. If you want to have french speaking person, you may want to try IRC and ask around for french speaking persons. You will find that the number of 40 you had is a bit misleading and big (as the excellent Bedeur implied). Most of the RL french speaking person do not roleplay as french leaders, you'll find easily why quickly And for such an event, you still have the CNRP forum (which I do not play sadly). Bonne journée !
  5. Would have been very funny a few weeks ago when things were incredibly complicated.... Now with Polaris front over, things are simple again...
  6. Talking cheese ? Go for some "pont l'évèque", a cheese from normandy, delicious on bread or as standalone... Or I could settle for a good "chabichou", very fresh and tasty... And even if i'm not a real fan of "Roquefort", too strong for me... You can't deny the value of "Reblochon" in a good tartiflette... And please, dont forget the "comté"... the king, with a crust as good as the cheese itself... That's talking cheese... and since you're at it... bring me a glass of madiran, a french south west wine...
  7. I believe in justice... I believe in Jack McCoy...
  8. Calm down people... SCY is just sharing a moment we all experienced with new players, be it for tech deals, improvements or even war... Must admit, made me smile SCY
  9. Jharius, you convinced me to make 2 separate webs for those 2 wars...
  10. Hey long time Geo ! and Thx
  11. New update... and the war still doesnt want to follow a symmetrical pattern... DAmned... it would be so much easier !
  12. Another update.. I like the way polaris is not at the center of the graphic... wars tended to expand towards certains front and not others... pretty fun to see...
  13. My network analysis program does it for me I just change some dots positions to make it more readable... So it's pretty easy to keep track of things without too much headache about getting straight lines between 2 dots...I'm a lazy guy And yeah Kriekfreak, o/ triangle !
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