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  1. Very nice work here... May I ask you if you use any graphic vizualisation software (gephi, viznet...) or simply gimp/photoshop ! Great work
  2. Great work as usual d3ath ! Loving the Ai one too... Gairuky is pretty good...
  3. [quote name='potato' timestamp='1351804185' post='3047320'] I was hoping it would be a threat. But I'm glad it took AI's MoFA (if I'm up to date with the in kids) to come and try doing some damage control. [/quote] Whoohoo! Si glad to know i'm part of the cool kids... For once... Also hi !
  4. It was Glorious and fun times with Valhalla, a true home to many... And it will be in our future anarchy inc. home !
  5. Baps and oly, you were two incredible friends and allies ! You lost the names but the spirit is still here... o/ baps o/ oly
  6. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1339461655' post='2981028'] After joining Valhalla, I hated it. I left them a fake, but nice reply and left them. [/quote] Rest assured Rotavele, no one fell for it here... or even trusted you... We were kind enough to offer you a chance and you proved us wrong... Well done... so much to be proud of...
  7. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1338503694' post='2975344'] So THAT'S why... I threw my pager away in 1999 [/quote] Yeah... that's our secret weapon against tech inflation... returning to the basics, 1990's style... we're that old school...
  8. [quote name='Buds The Man' timestamp='1338499099' post='2975295'] my phone number hasnt changed either [/quote] I thought we agreed on using pager instead... Also, congratz on the treaty, I kinda like Symphony (only from the vibe I got from them since i dont really know them)... And Hi Kriek ! Love shared
  9. [quote name='KingEsus' timestamp='1336396621' post='2964796'] LOL. Yeah sorry about that. If you ever need any changes. Just shout! [/quote] Always a pleasure to see you poping in this thread Esus ! Also, still the same one-word : JOIN
  10. [quote name='Jorost' timestamp='1334545834' post='2954037'] [i](Great Words)[/i] [/quote] Classy as always Jorost ! You may not have made some good choices at times but that was your call and at least you took decisions, not easy ones and I respect that and enjoyed working with you during your tenure ! I hope you're fine in your golden rocking chair in RI, enjoying telling old story to the newcomers See you soon !
  11. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1334630933' post='2954628'] HAHAHA that's a good one. At least you had hope. [/quote] Hey Jac ! I'd like to know the script you use to pop in every thread Valhalla is mentionned to say bad things about us... Also hi
  12. Well fought UPN... My war against Altheus was a delight, as were my convo with Tecumseh... You're good people despite our conflicting views o/ Peace
  13. I dont know if they accept apps by now but if so, you should consider joining them ! Best of the best here ! o/ Oly
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