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Vox Populi Announcement

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Reaffirmation of Commitment

For nine months now, Vox Populi has been at the forefront of a movement of social change that has swept the face of the planet. Insistent upon the need for the development of radical new ideas and the dire importance of open, honest dialogue, we have pressed tirelessly for the people and leaders of this world to open their eyes, exercise their voice, and draw a line in the sand before the menace of tyranny. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

For many weeks now, the degree of discourse has been raised to levels not seen for years. People have shed their fear of articulating honest opinions, lost their inhibition to make appropriate criticisms, and most importantly, have begun to reflect this in their alliance policy. Those who feel their ideals are incompatible with their treaty partners’ have taken to invoking the cancelation clauses. More and more, treaties of ages past that in ages past would have lingered are being recognised for their obsolescence. It is a most heartening change to watch as the web detangles itself amidst the purge of treaties that do not reflect actual relationships.

And, yet…

Still looming dangerously over even these small gains is a force that fears this change above all else. It is that which built a culture of fear and repression to ensure its continued existence and it is that against which our struggle continues. It has tried many tactics to diffuse the growing threat to its power: our collective rejection of injustice. They have freed GATO after 9 months of Viceroyalty following a three-month-long war. They have amended their policy on EZI/PZI, with a convenient proviso that allows them to ignore said amendment entirely. They have released many of those they have condemned to EZI/PZI, most of whom were on these lists for no reason. But they have not changed. Their efforts remain cold and calculated attempts to stem the swelling tide, empty promises that would be swept away in an instant should the landscape turn once more in their favour.

This is what we face, what we struggle against: the two-faced spectre of injustice incarnated, a group of schoolyard bullies who act innocent when the headmaster strolls past, then punches the other students’ faces in when her back is turned. So they have done to countless alliances, and even now they continue to hold countless nations by the throat for relatively minor offenses. They fancy themselves the purveyors of all laws, imposing and enforcing rules of war, disallowing other alliances to practice certain activities, and setting territorial limits upon them.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel: you. So far the first, most important step along a path of social revolution has been taken and we have begun our journey toward a world where mutual respect for sovereignty and differing opinions is the foundation upon which our political world is built. But still, there is much to be done! These World Police types, imposing international law through the force of their martial might, will snatch it away at the first presented opportunity and we must not give them that! We must harden our hearts and do all that is necessary to ensure the future safety of our alliances, our nations, and our friends against the indiscriminate persecution of those whose sole purpose is power. Let there be no mistake: so long as any of us exist to take stand against these brutes, we shall not be safe. That is their worldview. Your existence is a threat to their power, and stomping you is their means of exerting their control over their own drones and the frightened world at large.

We must not return to these dark ages. We must stand side-by-side without fear of destruction, because if we do not take a stand and fight here and now, it will come for us regardless. While our words may incite to action, words alone are not sufficient; there must be those that heed them. It is material control that gives the World Police a means to instill fear and social control and it is this material control that we must eliminate. A stand must be made, before a blow is struck to the fledgling free society we have created that we cannot recover from. If we do not all stand together now then we will fall, one by one. But if we stand together, our martial struggle will become either the last stand of the righteous, or the first triumph of the architects of our next great age. The path forward is clear.

The New Pacific Order must be stopped.

The citizens of the world must be freed.

The world has become wise to their political game and now, resorting to their preferred method, they are attempting to extinguish opposition with bullets and bombs. The world has clearly stood its ground against this latest bout of senseless aggression. Its allies are jumping ship or else reluctant to assist for they know the hour of our victory over them draws near. Rather than fight for their supposed friends without hesitation, like you or I, they seek to save only themselves.

Let us teach them the power of our resolve and the strength of our convictions. Let us march, once again, into the Gates of Hell and cackle in the face of Death. Let us fight, our shields overlapping, and show them the true significance of their statistics. Let us finish what we started.

Pro Populo!

For the Senate and People of Vox Populi,

Doitzel, Vox Dei

Prospective freedom fighters are free to fly our AA at their leisure. Those in alliances already opposing NPO and their hangers-on are advised not to abandon their alliances for eternal glory with Vox Populi.

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umm im pretty sure Vox had not that much of an impact on what is known as Karma....

I would beg to differ, TWIP, The Tattler and like wise publications, exposed a side of CN most players would never see, most alliance members believe everything there Gov tells them, those days are over.

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Doitzel is simply stating that if your alliance is not at war with the tyrants, that you can join theres to fight the man. There is nothing wrong with that methinks. There is nothing wrong with fighting for a cause.

We must show them no mercy. They have showed us none for 3 years.

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