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Royal Proclamation from the Spartan Dyarchy

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(We still like Trinité's Pink Boxers)

Sparta has enacted Article 4 (see below) of the Reddish/Pinkish Treaty, a MDP between Sparta and the New Pacific Order. The New Pacific Order has been notified and in a little less than forty-eight hours from now the notification period will expire as well as the treaty itself. We’ve decided to cancel this treaty due to a lack of communication. By a lack of communication, we mostly mean attacking Ordo Verde in the middle of “peace” negotiations (bad move was bad). We wish Emperor Revenge and his Order the best of luck a prosperous future the game a happy coming mother’s day stuff.


If either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty, they must give forty-eight hour notice to the other. If either alliance violates the treaty, it’s dissolved immediately.

See you guys again soon.

tl;dr: ohai gaiz, i r frickin' !@#$%

Signed for the Spartan Government,

Tulak Hord, King

Darklink, King

Supremelord, Regent

George the Great, Ephor of Foreign Affairs and frickin' !@#$%

Trinité, Deputy Ephor of Foreign Affairs

Adrian, King emeritus and Official Spy (Ask him for screens of our forum)

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