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Official CnG Edict

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So here we were, getting ready to open up shop while cleaning to close it down for the night. We work hard to open, do business and close in that 1 minute you know. It isn't easy.

So anyways, just as we were doing all our daily tasks, I noticed a small slip of paper sticking out of the suggestion box. Wondering what kind of twit thinks we actually pay attention to anything anyone has to say, I took it out and read it. Turns out it says that the office building across the street is now vacant, and we could move into a larger office if we wanted. Leaping at the opportunity to have more room for activities, like step class or aerobics, or maybe even some karate in the parking garage below, we signed the lease and used Londo's tuition money to put a down payment on the space. However, it turns out that we couldn't afford the rent, so we'd need to find another party to share. After some soul searching, bong hitting and lots of penis jokes, we decided that we could con 75% of the rent out of some real idiots. Once we had this all arranged, the Complaints and Grievances office moved into its new place. And now we're stuck sharing it with the Greenland Republic. Now I have to re-evaluate who are the idiots.


Also, for the lolz:


If you have any complaints please pm and query Londo. Thanks. That is all.



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I would like to thank the rest of the members of C&G for providing GR with this opportunity. Joining C&G has been at the back of a lot of GR members' minds for some time now. Our personalities seemed to match perfectly, and we share the same views in almost every aspect of CN politics. Already having MDoAPs with 60% of the bloc was another factor that made this a perfect match. After a unanimous vote by the GR government and approval from everyone in the bloc, the Republic is honoured to be accepted as a member of Complaints and Grievances.

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