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Dear Admin,


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I also have that showing up.


Methinks it may be showing up for EVERYONE, and I'm pretty sure I could've deleted people if I wanted to.

EDIT: After hearing what other people were saying on IRC, is this April Fools?

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LOL I freaked when I seen it but figured it had to be an April fools day gag. It was a good one though I still didn't try to use it. I think we all have someone we would like to delete :ehm:

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[01:28] New Reverie: hi kevin, this is New Reverie.

[01:28] Admin Kevin: hi

[01:29] New Reverie: i really appreciate the power to delete all of my enemies, but i'm not sure if i am supposed to be a game moderator

[01:29] Admin Kevin: oh, right. i'm glad you're on.

[01:29] Admin Kevin: i need you to do some covert work for me

[01:29] New Reverie: awsome!

[01:29] Admin Kevin: are you prepared?

[01:29] New Reverie: sure

[01:30] Admin Kevin: we've been having some problems with Bilrow and we need to delete his account but he knows everyone on the mod staff so i thought maybe you could delete his account for us.

[01:31] New Reverie: so just search his nation and delete him

[01:31] Admin Kevin: yes, if you're willing

[01:31] New Reverie: may i ask why

[01:31] New Reverie: although i dislike bilrow as much as the next guy

[01:32] Admin Kevin: its a moderation situation that i've decided it would be best to bring in a third party to handle it

[01:33] Admin Kevin: let me know when you're done.

[01:33] New Reverie: i'm willing to do it, but i think i deserve some understanding. has he been breaking TOS with scripts or something?

[01:34] Admin Kevin: that's really confidential. if you won't do it i'll move on to someone else that i can trust. i wish you would though since you're here. no one will know you did it.

[01:35] New Reverie: you sir are a sneaky one

[01:35] Admin Kevin: excuse me?

[01:35] New Reverie: great joke

[01:35] Admin Kevin: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=52843

[01:36] Admin Kevin: i've been getting these reports all night

[01:36] Admin Kevin: did you try to delete his nation?

[01:36] New Reverie: yar

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Ok i am posting a copy of the PM i sent to a CN senior staff guy. I think this covers everyone's feelings, i will edit for language.

ok all i have to say is, i hate you guys, i hate you so very very much. You scared the s*** out of me when i found out they all had it and made me feel omnipotent when i thought i was the only one. All in all one of the best damn April fools jokes ever.

nice one,

Michael the Squirrel

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