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  1. Anything that would automatically load pages for you is not allowed. I'm not sure why you didn't create a topic for this or ask us directly. A blog entry isn't exactly the best place to ask this sort of question.
  2. Was expecting this. I'm disappointed.
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  4. Awesome avatar.

  5. They will be selectable in a drop-down box from your profile. I need one government member from each sanctioned alliance to PM me with the image that their alliance wants to use. These images may be a maximum size of 150x48. Any new Sanctioned Alliance must wait 10 days to get their image added here (the same amount of time required to get your flag added in-game). Whenever an alliance replaces another as sanctioned, the old alliance's image will be removed when the new one's is added. Edit: Don't forget that the background here isn't white, so it would be a good idea to make sure that any images submitted have transparent backgrounds.
  6. Sad to see you go. It was great working with you.

  7. Originally posted by Smith. War means resignations. Don't flood the forums, post here. Do not reply to resignations unless you are resigning yourself. Do not post here if you are not resigning or posting a resignation for somebody who can't access the forums due to registration being turned off. If you do so you will receive a warning. This is strictly for those resigning from a current alliance conflict.
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