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Heartfelt Announcement from The Galactic Republic and Soldier


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Heartfelt Announcement from

The Galactic Republic and Soldier

Hello, Cyberverse. I come to you today with a story.

Once upon a time, there was a dragon.

Okay, that was the wrong story. Let's try this again.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy. He looked at his father and said, "Dad, I want to make something of my life when I grow up."

His dad looked at him. He saw the flare of hope in his eyes. He said, "Someday, son, the world will be yours. You'll see it for what's good and bad. You'll fight, and you'll be spectacular. You'll make everyone, and most of all, me, proud."

"I want to go to the stars, dad," said the young boy. He smiled and made a zooming action like a spaceship with his hand. He looked at his dad and said, "I want to fly."

His dad was proud.


Click. "Got it." Zoom.

Ring ring.

"Hello?" answered an old man on the phone. He sounded confused, almost surprised that he was receiving this call.

"Dad?" responded the man on the other line, "It's me!"

"My God... I never thought I... it's been years!" replied the old man in a sort of choked happiness.

"I've finally made it, dad! I'm flying ships!" The man sighed and smiled. He remembered the memories of him and his dad when he was just a boy. He said, a heartfelt announcement,

"I'm a Soldier! For The Galactic Republic!"

The Clone Trooper Accords


This document is signed by both The Galactic Republic [TGR] and Soldier, in the spirit of friendship, and in the hopes of aiding each other in development, diplomacy and defence.

Article One - Sovereignty

Both TGR and Soldier are sovereign alliances, and maintain self-governance. This treaty in no way compromises the sovereignty of either party.

Article Two - Friendship

TGR and Soldier see each other as not just allies, but friends as well. Neither signatory shall troll, flame or otherwise harass, be it publicly or privately, the other signatory.

Article Three - Non-Aggression

Neither signatory shall commit an act of aggression against the other. Should either party violate this Article, the treaty may be called void. Acts of aggression can include military attacks, spying, as well as aiding or abetting enemies of the other signatory.

Article Four - Aid

Should either signatory be attacked by a foreign power, the other alliance is obliged to aid diplomatic channels, and to help rebuild the other party financially after the war's conclusion.

Article Five - Defense

Should either signatory be attacked by a foreign power, the other alliance is strongly encouraged, though not required, to engage the enemy militarily.

Article Six - Cancellation

Should either signatory wish to cancel this treaty, they must give 48 hours private notice before announcing such in public. This treaty shall remain in effect for 24 hours after notice is given in public.

Signed for the Galactic Republic:

Cheyenne, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic

Dementual, Vice Chair and High Envoy

Princess Ro, Senate Prefect

Burger, Grand Admiral of the Republican Fleet

Jaym, Grand Master of the Jedi Order

Savethecheerleader, Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan

New First Senatorial Council: Rupert of Hentzau, LordLogan, King Granmar I, FlyingScotsman

Signed for Soldier:

The AUT - Chairman

Melutar - Chancellor

KingWilliamII - MoFA

LordJohnson - DMoI

Kaiser Gutenhagen - MoI

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Congrats to our friends in Soldier. TGR seems to genuinely like your friendship. May that friendship grow and the bonds strengthen :)

oo/ Soldier

oo/ TGR

Also, welcome back Chimaera!

DC out

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