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  1. That's pretty close to my opinion. People have been trying to get Admin to do literally anything with this game for years. People have even made purchase offers so they can make changes themselves. He's clearly not interested, so we really shouldn't get too invested in the idea that CN will somehow suddenly become rejuvenated and full of life. Might as well enjoy what little remains of it for what it is.
  2. The precedent set by Polar v NADC would hint at 'no'. Mostly because lolno, but also because 50mil should be no more than a drop in the bucket for anyone who has a PL wonder. We're talking about you and me here. In this scenario, we're the bad guys by virtue of the fact that what we are doing isn't very nice, and it is, in fact, destructive. In your proposed scenario of betrayal and deceit, we'd be the bad guys to our friends, but in your eyes, we'd be doing the "right thing" and be the "good guys". Makes for an interesting sort of contradiction in your post.
  3. Ah, went back a square. I never intended to imply that you or yours would find amending your charter and leaving the sphere as a fair or good option. I only want to implore that you do, in fact, have options and choices, and that TMD has made clear those choices which lead to peace. No one is forcing continuation of this war upon you, no one is demanding members to delete or leave any alliance. You are choosing to remain at war and risk member deletion because the alternative choices, to you, are worse than that; that choice is of your own volition. To hurry along this discussion and prevent us going in circles: the appropriate conclusion is to reassert NG and friends are being pricks (I prefer the phrase, "playing the bad guys"), and accept you are making choices here that make a stand for your values but do prolong the war. With that resolution, no argument can be made against you.
  4. Oh, no worries, Article VI of your charter allows for provisions to amend the constritution to "suit the present needs of the alliance". There is even a detailed process already on how to do just that.
  5. Caustic has the odd habit of having his own opinions and goals. Pesky membership and people being individuals just spouting off whatever they think.... I think we've previously made our intentions clear in the TMD announcement and subsequent DoW. Caustic was kind enough to summarize your options a few posts above. You, too, made your intentions clear both in prior posts and in this very announcement: you don't want to leave. Taking a stand against the evils of the world is respectable. However, by making that stand, you are saying you want the war more than you want to move. Or in other words, that you choose to continue this war. If you're so concerned about retaining inactive players, then forfeit your stand. Surrender. Move spheres (or, less desirably, disband).
  6. The fact others might have alternative purposes for this war skipped my mind for a moment. I should have clarified I meant specifically NG. The ultimate purpose of this war for us is entertainment. In fact, I think we're all here for some form of entertainment. Some people enjoy just logging in and collecting taxes. Others just want to hang out with friends, and this world is what connects them/us. NG is not content with that sedentary lifestyle. We want something more. We want things to happen. Just so happens most would rather sit and watch the world fade away, so we take it upon ourselves to go out and make something happen. Some will claim we are hurting the environment and destroying communities (response to Mogar here), but I'd say this conflict has bonded people together more than they were a couple months ago, and drastically increased player activity on both sides of the conflict. The price for this: pixel destruction. I fail to see how we're hurting anyone.
  7. Saying we are bored, then having the drive to get up and do something about it isn't apathy. I'd argue most of our opponents are far more apathetic than myself or most of Oc.
  8. Let's hope we can't accomplish this in that time frame, and the game gets turned off in the near future. Treaties are canceled regularly. If they weren't, everyone would be treatied to everyone else.Then nothing would happen at all. We canceled the treaty you are referring to according the to the relevant article of said treaty. (Actually, I think we gave an extra day or two before attacking, even.) Are you certain you understand the purpose of this war?
  9. Caustic likes to tease, but what he and the others mean is that if something is truly going on, we shouldn't be the ones to tell the effected parties. It'd be irresponsible and disrespectful to both parties concerned. Although some find the need to alert the membership, the conversation and sharing of details should ultimately occur privately between the gov and membership, not publicly aired out on the OWF.
  10. I don't think it matters since those nations are still considered at war with Polar and friends. Although I would be impressed if they found someone willing to protect someone who just publicly announced how treaties mean nothing to them.
  11. Ah, my bad. I think the confusion lies in that we all thought AW held a mandatory defense treaty with Sparta, obligating them to defend Sparta even when times seemed dire and hopeless. After all, if you were allies of theirs, that's what being allies (and hopefully, friends) is all about. But if that isn't the case, then yes, I suppose your leaders throwing you at a war you didn't ask for does seem quite irresponsible of them.
  12. Perhaps you should have introduced yourself first. I'm not a Sparta fan, either, but c'mon, don't make it hard for us to want to support you. tl'dr: who are you and what are you on about?
  13. How long have you been asleep? Look, I'm not saying NG is at all important or worth your time, but for some reason we've been the focus of a variety of complaints since our founding some years ago. Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed the war and opportunity to throw your pixels to the wind and cause some damage. The feelings are mutual in that respect. Best regards.
  14. The fact any alliance exists is very upsetting to us all.
  15. Hey look who all is waking up! War really does bring the whole family together. This is making me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  16. You could always declare war on someone else so you can have the best of both worlds. Could be fun.
  17. To be honest, so did we. We wanted to make sure that, should a RIA nation find an NG target and get a spell of moralistic guilt over whether or not to hit said nation, they could rest assured hitting us is e-legal per a formal DoW. Then we realized we never posted said DoW, and quite possibly denied RIA peeps from hitting us. And that just brought us to tears over our cruel neglect, so we posted this DoW posthaste. So much haste, in fact, you'll notice there wasn't even time to sign it.
  18. For those curious: here are the terms (owf link). We didn't have anyone muzzled (although if Kash/LC/etc had someone as annoying as Roal, iono, might've happened), but we did enforce people saying things where the veracity could reasonably be debated (read: Caustic having a quantifiable wit or intelligence). What I find more interesting about these terms is the lifetime ban of Roal from alliances not covered by the terms. For example, TTK hasn't signed these terms, so they can't reasonably be held by them to enforce their future protectorates from accepting Roal. Future protectorates that don't yet exist obviously aren't here and could reasonably not know of them, pending their membership composition. The best the victors have is declaring Roal an enemy of their respective states, which would also bypass the fact that, as an independent contractor post-OoT dismissal, his signature isn't here either. Or maybe I'm just elawyering too much and I'm a hypocrite for having broken and vocally supporting the breaking of various elaws, myself. Actually, no maybe about it. This is the single most hypocritical paragraph I have typed upon these boards to my immediate memory. In fact, having reread it, I still support SLAP et al. attacking future TTK/protectorates/etc based on these terms alone, or any war regardless of these terms. Got to say I like terms 4 (slam poetry) and 5 (conversion to the righteous Islam). We need more of those.
  19. Oh this sounds like a Karma situation. Given the similarity, and your apparent extensive knowledge on the subject, I assume you'll no longer preach about there being nothing that can be done to topple Oc, and instead you'll start working behind the scenes to help such a situation come to fruition. It would mean splitting Oc and hopefully arranging it to fight itself (possibly using such rampant hatred of NG as a focal point?), while also arranging non-oc parties to come in and make sure the deed is done. Oh look, you have me rambling on about my dreams. I'm terribly sorry.
  20. Please. Please don't provoke him. The guy ain't joking around. He's done it, and he'll do it again.
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