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ACF - Xanadu Wedding Accords

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And without further ado, whether I like it or not, this is a wedding invitation... But enjoy the treaty read, put some effort into it ;)

We, the pirates of ACF hereby swear to get kicked out of Xanadu's channel as much as possible without being banned, and seek to acquire as many lotus flowers as permitted by the sexy temptress Ro.

Section 1: Independence

Both of ACF and Xanadu remain independent of each other in all actions taken, but because Ro likes to get her some Wolf, its understandable if she happens to take her feelings a little further on the matter and both alliances become "Best Friends".

Section 2: Peace Man

Until further notice ACF hereby enters into a state of peaceful hippy love affairs with Xanadu, and Xanadu agrees to continue the love train with ACF so long as Ro provides an endless supply of Lotus Flowers to any and all members of either alliance. And from this point on, LW is morally obligated to provide Ro a Rose upon every request.

Section 3: Camaraderie

ACF and Xanadu will personally make anyone walk the plank that dares to damage the peaceful friendship each other will share.

Section 4: Espionage

If you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar Ro will personally defenstrate you until LW is forced to intervene for the sake of the poor soul that started the situation. In the event either ACF or Xanadu find themselves in this situation, a good trout slap is in order, provided its not Ro slapping LW, in which case its just foreplay.

Section 5: Edumacation

Ro has vowed to forever attempt to educate LW in the ways of respecting a woman, and this will apply to both of the aforementioned alliances, as they grow in their new partnership and learn to share all of the juicy bits that may fly either alliance's way.

Section 6: The Breakup

If at any point Xanadu or ACF feel the need to disembark on a journey that both alliances can't take, it is expected that there will not be just a single one night stand, but TWO, count that two nights of bliss prior to the break up. And if in that break up Ro happens to feel the need to show up late at LW's house one night... well, you get the picture ;)

Signed for ACF:

Lonewolfe2015 (aka LW) ~ Supreme High Councilman

Gambona ~ High Councilman

tehol ~ High Councilman



His Majesty,

Benevolent King of Xanadu

Faithful servant of Xanadudes and Xanadudets alike

Emperor over the Great Imperium

Sir Hobo

Her Majesty,

Beloved Monarch and Queen of Xanadu

Founder and Patroness of the House of the Zafiros Escarchados

Empress of the Kingdom of Saturn and its surrounding territories

Goddess of the Dawn

La Princesa Pingüina Linda

Queen Aurora the Compassionate

He Who Took a Level in Badass

Rupert of Hentzau

Sir Joshua

Faithful Servant to the People of Xanadu

Lord of the wind

defender of the skys

porro ago ventus


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