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  1. I was not lobbying that point, for infact I do not believe "what we did was dumb" and I did not beg the cyberverse for forgiveness. I was merely pointing out the ridiculous tendency of nations to freak out and cover things way too much.
  2. I can't see Fark ever becoming hated like that, they are too powerful.
  3. Well, that's hardly an excuse. That just means that opportunities will continue to arise and IS will continue to capitalize on such opportunities with the sole goal of earning as much attention as possible.
  4. In less than 72 hour during this week, Internet Superheroes had earned the following: 10+ threads on the Alliance Announcements sub-forum. [including a thread that went over 30 pages] 3 threads on the World Affairs sub-forum 2 threads on the OWF 40+ members on average in #is around-the-clock [Our normal average is 10-20, btw] The release of a very successful "I hate Internet Superheroes" t-shirt The release of a new meme to the CN community: "____ is _____, sig if you're down" Are we really that important? You have nothing better to do than flaunt your moral supremacy to a small alliance on the smallest sphere in the game? Let me tell you something: When we all led TCB, we were nothing. Nobody cared. We played a serious, caring, "normal" style and never had any benefit. In the 2+ years that King Xander, CzarNick, Extraduty, Sakura, and myself [among others] held high positions in TCB, we never got half of the attention that was given to Internet Superheroes this week. Honestly, if I was anything more than a trolling attention whore I wouldn't give a damn about Internet Superheroes. I don't see why you all have to. We revel in the fact that hate garners attention. Puke earns publicity. It's not a joke to us, IS really is immoral. We sit and laugh in our IRC channels while everyone flips out over our actions. The joke isn't on pink, it's on you.
  5. During my time in CN, I have had two accounts. I have lead two alliances as the unquestioned leader, served as interim triumvir for one alliance, and served other high government roles 4 seperate times. I have written many treaties, helped form blocs, and organized war efforts. In my 2+ years of CN experience I have developed a tendency to complain, and criticize. Whenever I see DoE's, my rage tends to increase. To limit my rage, I have decided to write this handbook. This handbook contains critical resources and lessons, generally everything that I have learned as an alliance leader and as a diplomat. I have lead failures, successes, seen failures, and seen successes. If you merely follow the most basic instructions you will avoid the severe flaming and trolling that victimizes each failed DoE. The first thing you should do when forming an alliance: PICK A THEME! Generally speaking you want a theme that attracts veterans, as they will fill your initial government [more on that later] and certain themes can help the charters write themselves. For people like me who don't think and can't write good charters, I recommend the following rule: Don't pick a retread theme. If you pick a retread theme, you'll find it a lot easier to write a charter and create graphics but your alliance will literally be useless to the global community. Veteran players [who are so critical for those early government roles] will laugh at your alliance and refuse to join. Retread themes offer absolutely nothing new to the game, and when recruiting you will find that retread themes have a hard time appealing to new nations. Retread themes include, but are not exclusive to: "Order" alliances Star Wars Communism/Politics United States of America [or any similar variants] NOD/GDI "Imperial" alliances [TGE, British Empire, etc] Mario/Nintendo [not totally retread, but I guarantee that MK will troll you] Themes named after a sphere color "Brotherhood" alliances [TAB, TCB, etc] Roman alliances While I can't promise you will not be trolled if you avoid a retread theme, I can promise that your alliance will be given more respect from the CN community. The second thing you should do when forming an alliance: Recruit Veterans. I cannot stress this step enough. The most common factor in the death of CN alliances is a lack of veteran leadership. You say you're a brilliant recruiter? Well, who is going to mentor your recruits? Who is going to aid them? Who is going to assign them military roles? You don't know? I thought so. You need atleast 5 or 6 CN veterans to join your new alliance starting from the moment you declare existence because one man cannot lead an alliance by himself. You will need someone to handle recruiting, someone to handle mentoring, someone to handle military, aid, foreign affairs, etc. People complain about scavenging, offshoots, etc but really this is the only way you can successfully form an alliance. You need atleast 5 or 6 people to help you build the alliance. If your alliance cannot sufficiently impress 5 or 6 people into joining, then you should go back to step 1 and try again. Now that you've found a strong theme, and 5 or 6 winning members, you can begin plotting an alliance structure. Pick a structure that fills as many "holes" as possible. If you have 4 members and 3 are triumvirs, something is wrong. Common alliance structures: Republic - A government consisting of a President and Ministers. Ministers will cover all of the affairs for your alliance [internal, External, Military, Growth, etc] while the President will oversee these ministers and sign legislation. A President is elected every few months, who then appoints each Minister. Democracy - A republic on steroids. A CN democracy means that the central leader is elected, ministers are elected, and all legislation is voted on by your alliance members. Imperial - An Emperor has total authority over the alliance. The Emperor appoints all ministers, signs all legislation, and can declare war. Triumvirate - A Triumvirate can be formed in a Republic, Democracy, or Imperial structure. Really the only thing separating a triumvirate from the rest is that there are 3 central figures at the top [triumvirs] instead of one. This is a very popular and very flexible structure. Now that you've gone this far, it's time to write a charter! With a theme and structure already figured out the charter will write itself, so I'm really not going to go into detail on charters. No one reads them, and you can always modify them whenever you want. Final step: Creating the Flag My biggest piece of advice to give to alliance founders is follow the KISS method.. Keep it simple, stupid! Is it fun to go into Photoshop and make a complex, flashy, artistic flag? Yes. Do you see any flags IRL that do that? No. Memorable flags are memorable because they are simple. Ironically, flags that have less in them tend to stand out better. If you can't make a flag without any of the cool GIMP and Photoshop tricks, use MS Paint. Great examples of simple flags: "The Orders" Order of the Black Rose NADC CSN Legion GATO Sparta The Order of Paradox Now that you've got a theme, membership core, structure, charter, and flag, GO DECLARE YOUR EXISTENCE! Have fun, and thanks for reading my blog.
  6. This blog was inspired today by the arrival of a new CN bloc. This bloc took a different approach and holds a unique theme. Instead of touting military might [the whole point of a military bloc, really] this bloc cited Cat Stevens lyrics and put emphasis on peace & love. When I read the OP of said bloc announcement, I felt horrible. In a world where GOONS, \m/, Gen[M]ay and others were deemed unfit to live, we let a bloc of peace-loving Cat Stevens fans survive? Seriously? I thought this was a geo-political simulator, not a tea party. When you all start saying to yourself "Gee, I sure am bored with CN" you can easily look for an answer by reading these announcements. Countless declarations of wasteful, meaningless new alliances. Countless military blocs without violent purposes and formed by alliances without violent abilities. Countless treaties foolishly signed between alliances that are "friends" on IRC and such. These things are the bane of fun, and have warped the motives of this game. When I first started playing, my honest objective was to play the game and be [as I believed was possible] "the most powerful nation in the game". In an age of widespread protectorate agreements, bloated blocs, a god-awful treaty web, and other devices, the objective is no longer to play the game but to survive the game. I say we let the villains have more fun, let's cut off ZI, let's stop protecting every dumb new alliance that comes out. Let's stop surviving the game, let's PLAY THE GAME.
  7. Ah yes, I have forgotten ye of anti-lulz.
  8. I'm a horrible person. I find humor in threads that are humorless, and I find great satisfaction in unsatisfactory situations. As someone who jokishly brags about his alliance being "the most hated alliance in CN", and someone who has been involved with the game for 2+ years [seeing lots of people absorb lots of hate] I felt like my two cents were required in this thread. Is baseballer790 really "the most hated person in the game"? What do you think? Personally, I'll throw out a few names that are hated much more than baseball790. Yala Misr - really annoying forum spammer who seemingly had to make a poll for every little thing going on in CN. Now goes by the name AUT. Earned some flak as a vocal member of the 2nd Vox Populi movement [circa BLEU war] before leaving to the realm of TPF. Joined Soldier and OPP. Slayer99 - Infamous in my circles because the biggest treaty partners of Internet Superheroes are RAD [whom he threatened repeatedly] and Poison Clan. Slayer was a troll magnet with a reputation for quoteworthy outbursts on the Open World Forum. As leader of TPF, he is most remembered for his "nazi purge", which consisted of declarations of war and political pressure heaved at germanic themed alliances. Electron Sponge - Honestly, I've always loved the guy. I loved him when TAB [my alliance at the time] entered UJW, and even though I really like \m/ and GOONs, I never saw a problem with him. The rest of CN....well...they hated him. In his first go-round as leader of the New Polar Order, Electron Sponge was responsible for managing the Unjust War and some would argue he established the precedent for death/disbandment terms when he offered for \m/ to be "an eternal tech farm". His harsh, fiery attitudes towards many issues lead him to be disliked among the diplomatic circles of his allies. As the BLEU war [also known as the OoO war] began, Electron Sponge spoke out more than ever before. His famed posts on the OWF in support of Doitzel and his even more legendary rant in the Body Republic made him infamous. Later, as a member of the 2nd Vox Populi Movement, he earned much hate from the hegemony. Vader - Generally speaking, alliance hacking is the #1 way to be guaranteed you'll never find another alliance again. Vader has done so many ridiculous things in this game, I think it goes beyond explaining. King Raptor Jesus - /b/ Emperor at the time of the DDoS attack. Arguably the most famous /b/ member involved in the attacks. Who do YOU think is the most hated player in this game?
  9. Your Post

    I lol'd. You won the thread.

  10. Tron Paul

    The Undefeated

    I wouldn't say Invcita got everything they wanted. Surely the loss of NS was not wanted.
  11. When I see the annual barrage of hate that floods every Poison Clan thread, I chuckle. Poison Clan's aggressive self-focused policies are frequently compared to the New Pacific Order, and Poison Clan is constantly hounded by critics. Alliances like Mushroom Kingdom which preached white peace and karma were fighting alongside an alliance which entered the war by "violating a treaty" and demanded reps. The "Bus Doctrine", an anti-tech raiding policy on the pink sphere was modeled after the NPO Moldavi Doctrine and is constantly challenged by vocal forum personas who are quick to point out the support of tech raiding in alliances like Poison Clan. The Bus Doctrine was devised by Poison Clan, as the name suggests. There are seemingly a million reasons to dislike or hate the alliance. So, why on earth do they still have allies? Well, it's strange really. When Poison Clan entered pink sphere, most of the alliances looked cautiously. Under the guide of King Xander the Only, Jason8, and others, the sphere had grown a distrust of large powers. Poison Clan was tied to Valhalla, and many of my comrades saw this as a breach of Pink sovereignty. What happened next, was unbelievable. RAD absolutely fell in love with Poison Clan, and TCB's contact [Extraduty, now an IS triumvir] gave the thumbs-up for diplomatic relations. The CORAL bloc was over-written, and a PWNAGE sphere bloc established. At the throne of PWNAGE sat the triple threat MDoAP of RAD, TCB, and Poison Clan. As a previous hater, I had looked for every excuse in the world to hate Poison Clan. I just couldn't find it. They impressed all of us on Pink and earned their MDoAP's. I remember vividly several occasions in PWN channels I would be in awe, they understood the game so well, they were the perfect allies. They weren't coming on Pink to take over, they were one of us. Poison Clan are killers, yes. Poison Clan are evil, yes. But at their core, they are gamers. They are playing this game with a brutal efficiency and PWN respects that. IS plays the game of argument, RAD plays the game of lulz, and Poison Clan plays the game of killing. When the Karma Crusades proclaim an end to the violent acts of Poison Clan, I'll chuckle. Karma plays peace, Poison Clan plays killing.
  12. No, I'm not losing the hate. Yes, I always wanted to keep them in war [or in their case, peace mode] forever. But I don't see a problem in letting friends and allies of the Pacifican menace make tiny nibbles in the reps. Theory: Karma installed gigantic reps to choke the Pacifican Bank. If NPO lets their allies pay the reps then they will be free and safe. The bank is more powerful than any aspect of the NPO alliance and must be destroyed at all costs. Reality: While I still think Karma fears the bank, I think they underestimate the size of reps here. Even before the war, the hegemony was in tatters. Remember when TPF, IRON, GGA, and others pulled up their noses and declared that they would not defend NPO? I sure do. They were only called into action after being heckled by NPO and NPO opponents alike. The New Pacific Order currently has no large friends who would be willing to relieve them of the reps. The Pacifican Bank will still struggle to breathe and NPO's smaller, friendlier allies can throw pennies at Karma. Everyone gets what they want. I'll use a good, solid NPO ally as an example here: Invicta. Now, when Orion, TCB, and TAB lobbed nukes against Invicta in the last war, Invicta lost a lot of firepower. Infrastructure levels fell dramatically in their middle range, as Manhattan Projects tore up their alliance. By all accounts, they were stunned by the move. I recall a lot of flaming in the various Invicta & TCB threads. Despite their weakened state, I'm sure that Invicta has begged Karma repeatedly to let Invicta fund atleast a couple of million dollars towards the payments. When pressed with the option of white peace, they initially refused and demanded that NPO be allowed peace as well [if you query their gov, they will confirm this]. This is an alliance that cares so much about NPO that they will do whatever they can. They understand the rest of the world [including myself] goes "lolpurple" and calls them meatshields, but they don't care. They just want to show some support to their allies. In my opinion, it would be wise for Karma to relax their unwritten blockade against NPO. Large alliances like IRON and GGA aren't going to save them, and their true friends like Invicta are too small to do serious payments and really just want to show support. I say, let these alliances show some support. If you're going to give half the hegemony white peace you might as well let one or two alliances do a kind act. The world isn't going to end, and you're not going to fall into the next LUE-esque trap.
  13. Sakura wasn't seriously land raiding. The whole intention was to nuke. IMO that makes it a little better.
  14. We saw it with GOONS, \m/, Gen[M]ay, and the rest of the Unjust Path. A majority of Cyber Nations stood up and declared to these alliances that tech raiding was an evil. A majority of Cyber Nations stood up and declared that alliances [and nations] should be free to play a peaceful game. It was a decision that sprang infamous consequence. Following the post-UJW surge in protectorate agreements and the post-Moldavi doctrine surge in micro alliances, the game is beginning to polarize. The growth in DoE's has been countered by displeasure in some realms of the global community. Alliances like my own have become notorious for earning accusations of inflammatory activities, nit-picking at every declaration and arguing endlessly. Alliances like our treaty partners Poison Clan remain staunch proponents of war. Others go to equally extreme measures to protect young alliances, defending their DoE's and looking out for them despite a lack of treaty ties. If polled, both sides would say that they wouldn't mind the destruction of the other side. While some look at the future to be a battle of Karma v Hegemony, I see a different struggle. For the first time since the Unjust War, the battle between "have-fun tech raiders" and "nation protectors" is approaching a climax. The next Unjust War could be sparked at any moment. Is kobiashy the spark? Are we looking at another BOTS? kobiashy, an alliance hopper, is generally disliked among the global community. His DoE threads are prone to excessive trolling, and seems to be viewed in the manner of Mogar [firsts & amsgs] and AUT [polls]. When one of my alliance leaders, Sakura, attacked kobiashy, my alliance got a good chuckle. 51% of 185 votes in this thread seem to indicate that a hefty chunk of CN got a good chuckle. However, several figures from alliances unaffiliated with kobiashiy and his recent project have loudly supported him. While GDA has no written treaty announced, tensions continue to mount. Will a humorous attack spark the next Unjust War? I guess we'll find out soon.
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