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  1. Please point me to the list including dozens of "Fresh Prince" alliances. I can't find it.
  2. MD mentions a threat. While I know for a fact there would be no threats tossed [it's just not their style] I can totally imagine a vocal, "old TAB" member of The Family causing some chaos in BTA channels and then BTA claiming threats were delivered.
  3. Purple? ouch. I smell some poop thrown on Sorum and The Family with those NOIR comments.
  4. I had forgotten how much I hated Star Wars themes until reading this thread. Ugh. Note to aspiring alliance-makers: Star Wars themes are not original, and not acceptable.
  5. Generally, I tend to dislike retreaded themes and alliance comebacks. Nations who form these alliances combine their unoriginality with a selfish hunger for power, creating alliances that should not be created just for the sake of taking a leadership position. Until I see otherwise, this is no exception.
  6. Whoa dude, this comment was totally not fresh. Ragnarok = totally fresh
  7. "NO MOM I'M IN THE BASEMENT TONIGHT, BEL AIR ANNOUNCED" is basically comes to mind whenever I read all this hate.
  8. Good idea, the citizens of iTexas think it is very pointless to constantly refer to the CN wikia and don't have the time for it's accurate, real-time reporting. We'd much rather watch something delivered once a month by a noob.
  9. This is a wonderful idea. I'm so glad that my alliance has smart people like you, Inmate.
  10. And my axe. During my days in TCB, no ally was a greater ally than IPA. I wish you good luck.
  11. I'm sorry OP, but your nation ruler name is probably the most unoriginal thing I've ever seen. No one with half a brain could ever take an alliance seriously when it's ruler appears to be clueless.
  12. Once again, I see another unknown alliance telling me that my alliance is a screw up? Doesn't make sense. I don't recall seeing your affiliation signing treaties with Ragnarok, Poison Clan, and other major alliances. Where is the list of sanctioned alliances [cough NADC] that have surrendered to your affiliation?
  13. Yeah, actually. I love pink, love IS, love RAD, and having served in leadership during times that CN calls "fail" I really don't see a problem with the sphere. Pink doesn't have the NPO-colony baggage you'd find on your sphere, or the constant post-war splitting on spheres like Aqua or White.
  14. I'd like to see any actual experience of yours to justify that argument. Having lead an alliance twice myself, KX leading multiple alliances, Emperor Marx leading multiple alliances etc, we just came the logical conclusion that noobs are a mess that must be avoided. They don't actually want to join new alliances to benefit an alliance, they just want free money. None of IRON's recruits have any interest in helping, they just join for free money.
  15. We love you to schnookums. Ironic that a nation I've never heard of, in an alliance I've never heard of, decides that my alliance is "fail". Wierd.
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