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  1. I'm getting a little déjà vu from this war.
  2. Hakaisha

    Buying a Donation

    I'm interested in buying a $30 donation, cash only no tech. Message me in game for any offers. Thank you. Edit: On hold till after the current war is over with.
  3. Glad you two were able to avoid war.
  4. Hakaisha

    Congratulations Kaboom!

    Good luck to both sides.
  5. Hakaisha

    selling donation

    I'm interested in selling a $30 to someone, if interested pm me here or in game with an offer. Edit: I'm not looking for any more offers at this time. Thank you.
  6. Hakaisha

    Announcement from OO's FA Desk

    Good luck.
  7. Hakaisha

    Alliance/IRC Combo List

    GI is still officially yellow.
  8. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    War's over already. (ooc: Huge difference between trying to get something vs waiting to do something.)
  9. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    No we waited for a month for them to reply to our demands for reps. and no he lost more than 100,000 when he was attacked. And the Dow'd was not for a raid that happened a month ago, it was for them attacking our members this month.
  10. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    That's because Macgyver still has get on the game....to you know make peace. You should have talked to me not anyone else, that was your first mistake. Now if we could take this conversation on irc that would be great.
  11. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    Attacking because of the war ...And you never messaged me about any peace offers sorry. But if you even looked at the war screen you would see that the person who started this whole thing was given peace. And lied about attacking who? did you even look at the sceenshot?
  12. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    You do know, peace is being negotiated? All you're doing is causing more trouble.
  13. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    The War Screen a few days ago.
  14. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    We did not attack first.
  15. Hakaisha

    Sith-Imperial War

    By the time I made this Dow they were already attacking our members, so I have no idea why you would call this a rash DoW....