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  1. Considering the vast majority of older posts on this forum are by people that are banned.. idk. Reset the bans?
  2. Considering I couldn't get ahold of anyone there, nor could I find the new website.. not really. The NpO of 2010 and 11 I was in... That was activity. Anyways, I ended up in claws, kind of on accident. (I guess an ally pointed me to their discord.) So don't need this topic anymore.
  3. This account is linked to my current nation. But if I had the choice of 25k NS and 5... But thanks for the offer. And the reply.
  4. Life circumstances in 2011 forced me out of the game. I had a sizable nation with nukes. I remember the ruler name. But I don't know what the rules, restrictions, etc are fir restoration. Help?
  5. Hi came back after some years. I need an active alliance. I heard of claws, but not how to join. That's my first option, since NpO seems dead.
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