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Vanguard Edict.


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Vanguard Edict

We've got some sharp-tongue carrying on to do.

The Document of Vanguard was first ratified on the 11th of July, 2007. Since that day, only minor amendments have been made in order to reflect the changing nature of the Cyberverse. Today, Vanguard celebrates the first major addition to our founding text; the introduction of a third Grand Architect. As written in The Document, Grand Architects "are the highest positions within Vanguard and are appointed rather than democratically elected. The members occupying these positions have the responsibility of ensuring the member nations of Vanguard enjoy safety, security and prosperity. The Grand Architects are empowered with unparalleled authority and jurisdiction to guarantee the efficiency of Vanguard." It is my honour to formally ratify the latest amendment to our Charter; The Consul.

The Consul

The Consul serves Vanguard in a highly specialised manner. The Consul is primarily concerned with the maintenance of coalitions and the upholding of multilateral obligations. The Consul will operate as the principal representative to any multiparty political communities and blocs involving Vanguard, ensuring frequent and open communication with all coalition members and upholding the tenets of The Document. As a high-ranking envoy - serving under The Sovereign and The Vizier, and collaborating with The Shield - The Consul will assist Vanguard in achieving its economic, strategic, and security objectives.

While primarily a special envoy, The Consul also possesses the pervasive authority to craft or influence policy in all departments; however, both The Sovereign and The Vizier can override any policy proposed or put into motion by The Consul. Further, The Consul must seek counsel with The Sovereign before putting into motion any decision that has potential to place the security of Vanguard at risk. In the absence of The Sovereign, The Consul must consult with all Architects before proceeding with policy.

I am also pleased to announce that loyal Vanguardian, Stumpy, shall rise to the rank of The Consul. Stumpy brings with him a wealth of experience, leadership talent, foreign contacts, and a strong desire to see Vanguard prosper. As of the 10th of March, 2009, the Vanguard Architecture stands as:

Grand Architects of Vanguard

The Sovereign, Revanche

The Vizier, QTUN

The Consul, Stumpy

Architects of Vanguard

The Sword, Napoleon

The Shield, Rafa Nadal

The Hammer, Thaliak

The Treasurer, Petrovich

The Scholar, Fire Within

In other news, Vanguard recently surpassed 800 nuclear weapons and, for the first time, reached a total score of 10. I would like to congratulate my fellow members on their hard work, and I look forward to seeing that nuclear arsenal expand to over 1,000.

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As the only ex-Grand Architect I'd like to welcome Stumpy to the Elite that is the Grand Architecture. Although The Consul is quite the position, it still lacks along side The Sovereign, the sexy requirement that The Vizier holds.

congrats though.

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