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An Announcement from Nemesis


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Recently, it has come to the attention of the government of Nemesis that the alliance known as ‘Greenland Republic’ has been led to believe that they are ‘on a boat’. We, the original alliance ‘on a boat’, have come forward to prove this fallacy wrong and to re-assert our dominance of the boat. I’ve had my flippy floppies on for some time now, and I find it insulting that this ‘Drai’ over at ‘Greenland Republic’ would think that he is actually the captain of the boat. The captains, Bob, Hoo, and Bum, haven’t changed. Neither have the first mates (our ministers), nor the sailors (our members). We even have one of YOUR first mates stating that he is, indeed, not on the boat.


<&Kosherness> I don't want the damn boat... you can have it

With this said, we give the 'captain' of Greenland Republic 48 hours to hand over his signature and his avatar and go back to the mainland.


Nemesis: The first, the true, and the only alliance on the boat.

Soccerbum, Captain

Bob, Captain

Van Hoo III, Captain

meyer0095, 1st Mate

SpiderJerusalem, 1st Mate

Mykep, 1st Mate

SirMichaelHarland, 1st Mate

Incitatus, Admiral

Magnum, Sailor

LeFt_BeHiNd, Sailor

PEATY, Sailor

Hiro Nakara, Sailor

T-O-P, Sailor

daggarz, Sailor

zoomzoomzoom, Sailor

Porksaber, Sailor

Bob Ilyani, Sailor

Blacky, Sailor

Jordite, Sailor

Nevsky, Sailor

Jotti, Sailor

Poyplemonkeys, Sailor

Eternal_Shadow, Sailor

Yawoo, Sailor

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Let this be a warning to other alliances (I am looking at you GR) that claim to be on a boat. We are in fact the only alliance on a boat. If you disagree with this, try to steal our boat. I dare you.

- SpiderJerusalem, Minister of War, bringer of the fine madams in the jacuzzi and ruler of the 3rd cabin from the left (the one with the free mini bar)

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o/ Nemesis

Here's to your continued riding of the aforementioned boat.

You may also have access to my private boat any time you want ;)

May no other foolish alliance challenge your boat riding skills.


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I am on a boat and you can't do a damn thing about it.

Watch us

I don't think you quite understand that there can only be one first mate. I reject your captainage of the boat. Drai is on a boat mother$%&@er, and don't you ever forget.

You are wrong. Since there are more than one shift on a boat, there can be several. Just not two at the same time. However, we over at Nemesis have more than one boat to avoid any problems

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The Galactic Republic doesn't care who gets the boat.

We're on the spaceship.



Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic

Rear Admiral of the Fleet

Captain of the Mighty Yet Beloved Galactic Minigolf Squadron

President of the Cheyenne Fan Club

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