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Announcement of iFOK triumvirate change


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As MikeTheFirst is elected President of FOK we had to find a new triumvir for iFOK. To our great surprise, ikMark just woke up from hibernation and was more than happy to rip the key to the triumvir's lodge out of MikeTheFirst's hand.

We will not bore you guys with details about what is going on in that lodge (something boring about hot chicks and destruction) and will just announce the new iFOK triumvirate.

Triumvir of General Affairs: arexes

Triumvir of Internal Affairs: Roeland|Spaarlaamp

Triumvir of Foreign Affairs: ikMark

We would like to both wish ikMark and MikeTheFirst good luck in their new endeavor.

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This is a horrible, horrible decision! How could you let such a madman into power? He's going to kill us all!

wait... lemme go check something

*goes to check alliance affiliation*

This is the best move EVER! Congratulations ikmark!

Shush you!

Nobody is indispensible. :D

My congratulations to our new Dear Lead... er Triumvir!

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I would love to be Triumvir of General Affairs... you basically get a free ride to just dump work on either of the other 2 triums. :awesome:

I luled :awesome:

Congrats ikMark! And thus ye enter...well, your...ok forget it.

edit...forgot my Awesome smiley.

Edited by James Wilson
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