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Here we Grow!!!

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Seventy Seven short days ago, a group of friends decided that we would strike out on our own and try to found something a little different than what's out there. We banded together using friendship, trust and mutual views as many others have, but we added in a big dose of "family". The result was a little home on the web we like to call Olympus.

In the past 77 days, we've hit a few little minor milestones along the way. 20 members, then 40, leaving the protective wings of those raging vikings, and taking our place in Pegasus. We quietly passed the 500K mark, hardly looking back as we marched forward. During this time we've had to deal with our first ROE violations, the threat of war, extra-alliance policies and yes, even our own ghosts. These have been small hiccups in our growth - hiccups that all alliances face at one time or another.

However, today we have grasped a much awaited milestone. Today, Olympus joined the One Million NS club.


Please join us in our celebration as we rejoice in our "coming of age"!

Olympus Titans

MG - Regent

Buffalo Niagara - Potentate of Foreign Affairs

M3G - Potentate of Internal Affairs

Seele Jager - Potentate of Treasury

Spartan519 - Potentate of Defense


Olympus hit One Millyun NS - WOOT!

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Woo, go Olympus! Soon enough, you'll be at the pinnacle of CN!

Quick question - are you guys still protected by Valhalla?

They are in Pegasus, which is jointly protected by all of Poseidon (BAPS, Invicta, Legion, Nebula-X, OMFG, UPN and Valhalla) - so yes, sort of. :)

Very good to see this. Just goes to show how good Purple is for growing new alliances these days.

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o/ Olympus.

It is truly a moment of happiness for us.

Thanks to the people who believed in us. For those who watched over and protected us to allow us to found our little family. For the other brothers/allies we have in other spheres who were willing to help us as well. YOU know who you are, we thank you! (and some wub too).

Here's to the friends who make up Olympus! Cheers to the Family! Cheers to Mississippi Gurlie, Buffalo Niagara, Marty's Three Girls, and especially Queenhailee for making it possible for Olympus to be here... cannot go wrong with those 4. Cheers to some good friends that joined us along the way, for me they mean the world. We are Family!

Also Pansy thanks for being a friend and helping us so much.

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