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The Pieman Accords (aka The Pie Cellar Mutual Use Compact)


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The Pieman Accords (a.k.a. The Pie Cellar Mutual Use Compact)


Months (literally) in the making, I dedicate this treaty to PieMan, the wrecker of worlds and bringer of pie. Shout out to my boy Twisted for making this happen!

Preamble: As a result of the friendship cultivated by Umbrella and Poison Clan, we hereby sign this Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression pact.

Article I.


Poison Clan and Umbrella will not take up arms against each other at any time. Espionage both through in-game and out-of-game mechanics are prohibited by this document. However, at times mistakes may happen. For such occurrences, a system of reparations on a case by case basis shall be agreed to by both parties.

Article II.


Should information come into the hands of either signatory that is important to the security of the other, then such information shall be shared without hesitation.

Article III.

Mutual Respect

The signatories shall pledge to keep lines of communication open between each other and refrain from trolling or harassing the other signatory.

Article IV.

Mutual Defense

A. An attack on one signatory is an attack on the other and the other is required to defend the attacked with any and all means at their disposal.

B.The above clause does not apply if a signatory is attacked because of a war launched offensively by that signatory. Assistance in such a scenario would be entirely at the discretion of the other signatory and not to be expected.

Article V.

Optional Aggression

Signatories may participate in offensive wars together should one of them ask. Uninvited assistance or "bandwagoning" is prohibited.

Article VI.

Regarding Lesser Treaties

This treaty overrides all lesser treaties (meaning those that do not mandate defense) of both parties in the event of a conflict.

Article VI.


If either party finds itself wanting to withdraw from the treaty, 96 hours notice must be given to the other signatory before the withdrawal takes effect.

Signed for Umbrella,

mrcalkin, Triumvir

Roquentin, Triumvir

Xavi, Triumvir

guus87, Envoy

uaciaut, Marshal

Snowbeast, Marshal

Signed for Poison Clan,

Chinatownbus - The Toad

TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer

Pooksland - The Centipede

Syrik - The Snake

Revelation - The Snail

Boogeyman657 - The Trout

Don Fernando - The Komodo Dragon

Liquid Fire - Master of the Domain

Plysprtz - Hybrid Venom

b3x - Brew Master, Lord God King of the Keg


2439 nukes :>


Edited by mrcalkin
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Top Posters In This Topic

Do you know how many times I had to slap Pia to get this through? ;)

We've been getting closer and closer to Umbrella over the past few months, and I'm so excited to see this down in paper and put through. Since our surrender terms with TPF, we realized we needed goals to keep our community strong through the long lull, and it was settled that we wanted to make an impact on Pink and model ourselves after Umbrella for their incredible ratio of Manhattans and nukes per member. To now be reaching all those goals and be treatying with Umbrella as well is just an incredible turnaround from a very low point in our alliance history. PWN was the start, and we're only now hitting stride to the pinnacle. Umbrella - its damn good to be rolling with you.

Nuke in my left hand, pie in my right

Strap by my waistline, cause !@#$%* don't fight

Sucka free for life so you betta think twice

(Aight? And a give a nig' some ackrite)

I'm the type of !@#$%* raider haters don't like

Snatchin up your land for some late night hype

And snobby-$@! !@#$%*es get slapped out of spite

(Aight? So give a nig' some ackrite, right)

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