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Leviathan Announcement


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I am pleased to announce that the alliance, The Triforce, has decided to join our ranks here at leviathan. We welcome them with open arms and our future is surely brighter with them in our ranks. The AA of The Triforce shall be protected by Leviathan for a period of 14 days, so don’t raid em ;)

We’ve also passed the 500k NS mark, see


We have also re-arranged our government to a style that we believe will suit us far better than our 1 man triumvirate <_< so, here it is,

Elborrador – Emperor

Zabee – Regent

Murtagh – Regent

Ludacrism2 – Imperial Adviser

Xerxer – Imperial Adviser

Stealing Pandas – Imperial Adviser

Rheebronsic – Imperial Adviser

Aeternalis – Councilor

Jeffers – Councilor

Vendetta – Councilor

Josephlabargo – Coucilor

Mic Money – Councilor

Finally, we've moved forums. you can now find us at www.leviathan-cn.net

our irc is still #leviathan

thanks for stopping by :)

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