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  1. Wow, a lot sure has changed since I last visited. Nice gains, Sparta. Ezequiel.
  2. [quote name='Scorponok' timestamp='1333155969' post='2945807'] There are sanctioned alliances? :3 But yeah I think perhaps 150 would be more acceptable to be sanctioned since each day less and less players join CN. [/quote] Or leave it at 200 and make alliances go out of their way to recruit people into the game. Ezequiel.
  3. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1333050752' post='2945139'] THE SANCTION GAMES [/quote] May Admin Be Ever In Your Favor! Ezequiel.
  4. [quote name='Wishywashy' timestamp='1312171816' post='2768877'] Be nice, I like GPA. [/quote] So do I, thus I have cheered for them! Ezequiel.
  5. [quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1312128121' post='2768282'] MHA is boring and useless from both an IC and an OOC point of view. [/quote] I LOL'd at the irony of this. I still say GPA should be on top, to watch the world end. GO Neutrality! Ezequiel.
  6. "Greetings, MEMU. We in Livonia feel the Mediterranean is a very important part of European politics. It is a rather large bloc, and a very effective one at that. We would like to see if we may obtain observer status, as we are not a Mediterranean nation but wish to work with, alongside, and help our European neighbors." EDIT: Spelling.
  7. "The Espana rep. will be sent home via jet as soon as it arrives in Athens."
  8. "Would Ireland please explain a bit more on their goals and plans with the new French land and the exact location."
  9. "We have not broken this treaty in any manner what so ever. We have voiced our opinions, we have retracted our statements for the sake of the Union. The motion to expel España is not in compliance as stated in the Union's charter; [quote]"[i]Article VIII – Expulsions: Section 1: Any representative to the Parliament may issue a motion to expel another country from the Union. [b]Section 2: For such an expulsion to pass it has to be proven that the country involved has violated this treaty, in addition all members(the country involved excluded) must vote in favor of such an expulsion.[/b][/i]
  10. "Are you suggesting we are racist toward the same colored and historically indifferent[genetically] peoples, Monaco? We are far from ignorant and intolerant but caring for our people's wishes. We are NOT breaking the preamble of this Parliament because we have an opinion, suggesting otherwise would be hypocrisy. We thank New Cadia for their support in this matter, as for Athens... We do not value a bandwagon." OOC: Wording edit.
  11. "We do no oppose the Federation as Greek Polytheism is no where near the extreme of Islam when it comes to the rights of the people. We in España are devoted Catholics, however, we do not impose that religion on our citizens." Secretly knowing he was about to be figured out that he was anti-Islamic, as well as the rest of the government. He quickly makes up a decision after talking it over with his other members... "Shall Maghreb gain the votes of the other members, we will retract our statement and vote in favor. We have talked it over and see no reason why an Islamic nation would harm th
  12. "We do not support states that put religion over the freedom for peoples of minority religions, and the Islamic government leading Maghreb is no exception to this policy. For this reason, we have voted Nay to the application of Maghreb."
  13. "España votes [b]Nay[/b] to the membership of The Islamic Union of Maghreb."
  14. For being heavily out numbered, Polaris is doing a great job. Say, why are the two wars combined?
  15. "España proposes the resolution of expelling Portugal from the MMEU. Their unprovoked attacks means they which for nothing but harm to the members of MMEU and they are a threat to our people's lives."
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