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  1. Wow, a lot sure has changed since I last visited. Nice gains, Sparta. Ezequiel.
  2. [quote name='MrAstro34' timestamp='1334373506' post='2952745'] Two of my favorite alliances Congrats, both of you. [/quote] Woah woah woah... What about YCoN? D: Anyway, Yellow being friends is a great thing. Growing and prospering, we shall work it out. o/ SUN o/ ION o/ Yellow... Or something like that Ezequiel.
  3. This is Fantastic! Congratz MP, San, and co. Come see us Ezequiel. P.S. I like the flag
  4. [quote name='wes the wise' timestamp='1334417686' post='2953158'] Good luck guys, have fun out there /me waves at EZ [/quote] Thanks Wes! Haven't seen you in a long time my friend, /me waves back at Wes [quote name='Yevgeni Luchenkov' timestamp='1334419095' post='2953166'] Ezequiel and Shane Price leading an alliance? I am sure it will be a massive success. [/quote] Hey hey hey... Give us some credit here, we/re giving it a go Ezequiel.
  5. I apologize about the Wiki, it is now edited with the correct information. [quote name='Liz Girard' timestamp='1334389864' post='2952959'] Yes, our treaty was temporary. Best of luck in the future Zeke. [/quote] Thank you my dear friend, you will continue to hear from me Ezequiel.
  6. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1334373107' post='2952738'] How many treaties do you have for today or this week? Congrats. [/quote] Gotta keep up my treaty whoring CSN's treaty is gone, DB4D and TLK are the only treaties we hold and are the only one for quite awhile. Ezequiel.
  7. Fantastic Announcement! I would like to thank CSN for all they have done for us so far, and now they pass us onto the DB4D. We are honored to have such loyal and helpful alliance protect us while we grow. o/ CSN o/ DB4D o/ YCoN Ezequiel.
  8. Fantastic announcement! Our first true treaty partners. o/ TLK o/ YCoN! Ezequiel.
  9. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/ZTqYp.png?1[/img] [size="4"][b]Safety, Security, Strength.[/b][/size] Greetings from under the sun! We have a few announcements for you all. We have worked long and hard to bring this broadcast to you all the way from the mid-west of the Yellow Commonwealth of Nations, The Capitol. Please follow the link below to the broadcast, then return for comments. Thank you! Without further ado... We present to you The Ramblings of The Chancellor of the Yellow Commonwealth of Nations, The Immortal, Sir Lord Price. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjZ
  10. Way to lift the barrel up and scrape the scum off the bottom, Invicta. Ezequiel.
  11. Did YCoN start a trend of forming an alliance on yellow? :I Ezequiel.
  12. I would like to thank all of the well-wishers for their kind words! We are working out the trades now, and plan to be part of the sphere once again very soon Look out for mor announcements to come in the upcoming days! Safety, Security, Strength - The Yellow Commonwealth of Nations. Ezequiel, One Head of State
  13. [center][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZTqYp.png?1[/IMG] [size="4"][b]Safety, Security, Strength.[/b][/size] [i][b][size="4"]- The Yellow Commonwealth of Nations.[/size][/b][/i] 'Ello! So yes, here you go. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tkZiO.png[/IMG] [quote] [size="5"][b]"The Union of the Commonwealths"[/b][/size] [b]Preamble;[/b] The Yellow Commonwealth of Nations(YCoN) and The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations(CSN) hereby enter into the following agreement. [b]Sovereignty;[/b] YCoN and CSN are both complete sovereign states, and as such each recognizes the sovereignty of the other
  14. [quote name='Scorponok' timestamp='1333155969' post='2945807'] There are sanctioned alliances? :3 But yeah I think perhaps 150 would be more acceptable to be sanctioned since each day less and less players join CN. [/quote] Or leave it at 200 and make alliances go out of their way to recruit people into the game. Ezequiel.
  15. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1333050752' post='2945139'] THE SANCTION GAMES [/quote] May Admin Be Ever In Your Favor! Ezequiel.
  16. [quote name='Iherudia' timestamp='1332928105' post='2944266'] Remind me what part Umbrella or the current GOONS had in the UJW again? [/quote] Two words starting with F come to mind. Ezequiel.
  17. What a wonderful document, congrats guys! Ezequiel.
  18. lolGOONS. All I have to say. Go Kaskus! Lol, makin GOONS bring in two ally's because they can't fight on their own, hazzah! It's no wonder GOONS lost the UJW, now they bring in two ally's from that war to try and fight. This keeps getting better! Ezequiel.
  19. [quote name='Whitney' timestamp='1332387095' post='2941441'] We have an embassy over there? I thought you guys disbanded years ago. My mistake. [/quote] Your nation is still around? I thought you got deleted years ago. My bad. Come on Whitney, really... I was told to be nice. Fantastic news here! I'm proud to say the internal of CSN has changed a lot, and is looking very good thanks to Crazyman helping Me and Liz out. Here's to a fantastic new government! [img]http://cncommonwealth.com/forum/Smileys//csnawesome.png[/img] Ezequiel.
  20. What a fantastic group of people. This alliance shall go great and far! I expect good things from Odyssey, good luck you guys. Mindless hail o/ Ezequiel.
  21. I'm with Sippy here, no idea you guys were still around. Glad you are. Congratz guys!
  22. [quote name='KahlanRahl' timestamp='1328106260' post='2912528'] Hey Ezequiel. Come at me bro. We can settle who's the big girl on this campus, one on one. Oh wait, how sad. Upon investigation, I have found that your nation is small and pathetic. How about next time you make sure you've got might to back up your mouth before you spew garbage, kiddo. Hail TIO, hail GATO, and hail the rest of our friends who came here with nothing but best wishes. [/quote] Hey KR. Take you're spiked boots off and nasty dreads out and we can go at it How sad, I deleted my nation. Came back at th
  23. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1328082442' post='2912431'] Don't hold your breath... or do Congratulations TIO! [/quote] Ah... My arch nemesis appears. How's it goin? Still think you're better at recruiting then me? Never the less, TIO can still be TIOut of Order. Haha, I'm so funny... Ezequiel.
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