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  1. tran·scribe transitive verb \tran(t)-ˈskrīb\ : to write down (something that is spoken)
  2. DH is my favorite bloc to have been in. Wait, Daikos was Roq the whole time? fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  3. uh, I was talking about your claim that most of our upper tier is in peace mode, which is patently false. Keep answering questions I didn't ask though.
  4. Did you even do any cursory amount of verification before posting this? Actually, I don't even know why I asked; you obviously didn't.
  5. All forces involved have [b]mutually agreed[/b] to end hostilities. There was no victory or defeat here. Not even a tie. Simply an end to hostilities. This wasn't a contest. I was the one who initially brought up current wars during negotiations, and the phrasing was decided on simply for ease of execution, not as a demand by either side. OOC: Those of you thinking I'm reveling in our "victory over FARK" or something are severely overestimating my need for internet strangers to stroke my ego. We fought and now we're not. The rest is up to the historians.
  6. [quote name='Enamel32' timestamp='1341258973' post='3001904'] I guess it does say "can", but then why post an announcement.. [/quote] Why do we do anything we do? Because we can.
  7. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1340602892' post='2995525'] And is Non Grata considered a friend for the purposes of this conflict? [/quote] Don'r overlook the part in the OP about attractive targets.
  8. [quote name='scytale' timestamp='1339950557' post='2986475']This could eventually lead to a full paperless “friendship” treaties where if you wanted to go to war, you have to do a lot more homework to see who will back whom and for what reasons and be careful of those that will bandwagon on you. [/quote] You say that like it's a bad thing.
  9. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1339647574' post='2982832'] I was rejected to Umbrella? Last time I was checked when I applied to Umbrella I was basically told I was accepted. [/quote] Yeah, no. You would have had to actually make it to a vote to be anywhere close to being accepted. The most interest any of us had in your application internally was wrt whether you were a female or a gay male, and the general consensus when you withdrew your application was "Thank God." Here's an excerpt from one of our founding triumvirate on the matter: "To be frank I'll probably vote no unless he starts saying intelligent things very quickly."
  10. [center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/0/0e/Pandorasboxfull2.png[/img][/center] Fellow citizens of Bob, I come to you today with a somber announcement. Our beloved bloc has reached the natural end of its lifespan. This will come as no great surprise to some. The recent departures of FOK and NG were the birth pains rather than the catalyst, and the remaining members of Pandora's Box have decided to lay the bloc to rest. We bid you peace and farewell, until next time. [center][i]Signed for the Viridian Entente[/i] [img]http://i.imgur.com/shlVA.gif[/img] Impero, Lord of the Entente Goldie, Duke of the Entente Shadow, Secretary of Defense Ging, Secretary of the Interior Deviousfarie, Secretary of State Asawyer, Secretary of Economics [i]Signed for Umbrella[/i] domisi, President threefingeredguy, Vice President Raken, Envoy Lusitan, Field Marshal Dylan Carter, Generator Lord Panis Rahl, Economist [i]Signed for GOONS[/i] Sardonic, GOONS Pilot SirWilliam, GOONS Co-Pilot Emperor Marx, GOONS Secretariat Mattski133, GOONS Strategos NikolaP, GOONS Pecuniator GOONS Council: Darksol, Slide, r00tn00b, dalstrs, Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz, JT Jag[/center]
  11. [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1335965511' post='2962261'] Judging by the fact that larger alliances seem to have accurate metrics and smaller ones seem to have inflated ones, I'm guessing this might be due to an inability to distinguish between internal and external aid deals. [/quote] We don't have nearly enough internal deals going to account for this large a discrepancy. It must be counting expired deals or something. For reference, the way I've been counting slots used in my internal scripts is by counting each individual nation's number of active slots and then adding them all together to get the total. This method takes care of internal deal tracking on its own. For total slots, just take (nations*4) + (foreign ministries) + (dra's).
  12. [quote name='Ayatollah Bromeini' timestamp='1335396524' post='2959284'] Thanks a million, admin. This is awesome and we're all eternally grateful. Out of curiosity, what are the requirements for sanction now? [/quote] If I'm not mistaken, it is now simply the top 12 alliances sorted by alliance score.
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