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February is BLACK History and Heritage Month!


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Black History and Heritage Month

In this month, we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of the Black Sphere. Formed as a trading sphere back in 2006, Black has become a highly successful economic zone with a vibrant trade circle program that can be found at http://z3.invisionfree.com/Black_Conclave/...p?showtopic=314. More than that, Black also boasts an exciting, sophisticated, and elegant culture, replete with great music, art, and drama.

Join with me and the rest of the Black Sphere as we take a look at Black History and Heritage Month, and explore with us the richness of our part of the world.

Today, we look at Dark Evolution.

Born a poor black child of sharecropper parents, Dark Evolution struggled to get by in a big, crazy world. As young as the age of 8, Dark Evolution had to work to help support his family. To make ends meet, Dark Evolution worked as a shopkeeper's assistant by day and as a saloon janitor by night. One night in that saloon, a musician walked out and quit over a pay dispute. The owner of the bar turned to Dark Evolution and asked, "Hey, kid! Can you blow the horn?"

Dark Evolution gave it a shot. He was close enough for jazz that night, as they say, but developed in talent over time. True to his name, Dark Evolution evolved into one of Bob's foremost trumpeters and has a reputation as a top-rank composer and arranger.


Dark Evolution laying down some sweet notes at the "Pacific Club", c. 2008.

Today, Dark Evolution's albums sell at the top of the charts and his concerts sell out halls and band shells all around the world. From his dusty beginnings, Dark Evolution has risen to become one of the leading lights of the Black Sphere.

With another great moment in Black History, I'm Zzzptm.

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