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  1. My dad called me up literally screaming in joy with India's win.
  2. Well, I only log in every 5 days or so to collect, pay bills and find my last trade so i'm not really playing :P. I'm doing pretty well though, how are you? How's TOP?

  3. I see you have a new name, good to know you haven't given up on this yet mate :)

  4. I must congratulate you on having the funniest avatar I have seen in some time.

  5. Nah. I've been meaning to finish it, but every night when I go up to bed, I'll see the book and then say "I'll get on it right when I wake up." Cue me forgetting when I wake up. And that avatar does look pretty awesome. It suits his character well, and gives a polished look to him.

  6. Ever finish LotF?

    Also new picture of Darth Caedus/Jacen Solo came out in a sourcebook so its my new avatar. Looks pretty cool but the haircut is a little too "college frat boy"

  7. Uncommonly confused by your name changes :P

    (Now let us see if you remember what that answers.)

  8. You'll have to scream a lot into the camera so that people will never be able to forget your product :P

  9. I need your secrets to infomercial success too.

  10. Louisa my friend how you you?

  11. What Louisa said :P

  12. use away, and thanks for asking.

  13. Mind if I use your sig?

  14. Hey you share a birthday with my brother. Happy belated!

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